Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

Judgement Tarot Card Keywords

Natural change, making the right choice, progression, new ideas, achievement, decisions, re-evaluating.

Judgement Tarot Card Description

An angel blows a trumpet whilst three figures gaze skyward. The rather strange image on this card comes from the medieval Christian notion of The Last Judgement, when the dead were supposed to physically leave the tomb to be judged by God.

Upright Meaning

You may find that you need to work out the truth of the matter and make a decision, but this does not mean you need to judge yourself or those around you. This is the ideal time to break free from previous ideas and patterns of behaviour which may have served their purpose. This could mean you will find yourself moving away from familial and cultural values. This may lead to you reassessing your relationships, which can mean you start afresh, let go of the past and stop fretting about your previous actions. In the future, you are likely to discover that you may have to face facts rather than doing an imitation of an ostrich wearing sunglasses. Don’t sit on the fence, because you know if you do, you’ll get splinters and you can guess where. Once you’ve made up your mind, you will be able to develop new opportunities. The result will be that you should feel a weight being lifted from your shoulders and you’ll be able to forgive either yourself or someone else for past errors. Judgement suggests a change, as events reach a natural conclusion. As a result, a major decision could herald a new phase of your life. If you find yourself facing an important choice - relax; as long as you are conscientious in your thoughts and actions, the result will be the right one.

Reversed Meaning

Are you feeling a little bit guilty about something, or perhaps you feel someone is judging you? Whilst it is reasonable to try to look over the past with the idea of learning from past mistakes, you might like to consider if there are actually any serious errors to consider. The question is, are you in the wrong, or are you taking on too much responsibility for someone else’s happiness? You may even feel that you have not achieved as much as you could have done. Reversed Judgement also indicates a change, but it is not a smooth progression. After the event you may find that you have a number of regrets, feel you have left something dear to you behind, or question whether you could have managed the situation better in some way. The question is, are these feelings really justified? In truth, there is little point in regretting your actions, whatever you had or had not done, there would have been some price to pay. Fortunately, the outcome will be positive in the longer term.

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