Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Justice Tarot Card Keywords

Fair treatment, karma, winning a judgement, balance, taking responsibility, cause and effect.

Justice Tarot Card Description

Justice holds a set of scales in her left hand, these show that she weighs up the evidence which is presented to her. In her right hand she carries a sword which cuts through lies to the truth, and can be used to defend the weak. Justice sits alone, she is independent and cannot be influenced by others; be it by threat or seeking favoritism.

Upright Meaning

It’s just not fair, you may cry, but is this really the case? It maybe that when you think logically, you can see things a little clearer. This is what Justice asks us to do, take our feelings out of the situation and think things through. In some modern tarot packs, The Justice card is re-named ‘Karma’ and with good reason. Past actions will reap their rewards when the Justice card appears. If that has you a little bit worried (and let’s face it, none of us are perfect), try to view yourself objectively, have you made a mistake? If so, try to put it right. As long as you behave with integrity now, things may well work out for the best. When it comes to making a decision, whether it is career, family or education related, you can surprise yourself with just how sensible you can be - now is the ideal time to make choices that count. If you find yourself involved with wills, debts, buying a home or any legal matters, the upright appearance of Justice should signify that things will go your way. This is also a good time to sign contracts or deal with officials. If romance is more interesting to you, Justice tells you that you will get the lover you deserve, or that a future admirer is particularly charming (hopefully both apply).

Reversed Meaning

Smash! Peter Perfect and Penny Pain are squabbling again, and now something has got broken. You sigh, you know who the culprit is; Penny Pain of course, it’s always her, isn’t it? Of course, she says it wasn’t, but she would wouldn’t she, and you didn’t actually see anything but it had to be her… or does it? You know how you hate it when you get blamed for something that really wasn’t your fault - everyone does, so don’t sit in judgment until you know the facts. This is particularly true if you are a teacher, parent or boss. You need to be sure you don’t unfairly blame someone who is in a weaker position than you, simply because it saves time and they can’t do anything about it. Nor is this the time to try your luck when it comes to pushing legal or official boundaries. In fact, legal action, signing documents or getting involved with officialdom are all ill-advised. It is better to keep your head down and wait for a better opportunity.

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