Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Strength Tarot Card Keywords

Good health, willpower, confronting problems, overcoming difficulties, compassion, courage.

Strength Tarot Card Description

At first sight, this card seems to suggest a career in veterinary medicine of a very dangerous variety. A rather over-dressed female figure seems to be inspecting a lion’s jaws for dental cavities. You might imagine that the lion (who is presumably the physically stronger of the two) might decide to register his displeasure in a direct manner. Yet, he allows the woman to subdue him.

Upright Meaning

Sometimes the most obvious answer is the right one, and yes, when the Strength card appears, it can simply be that your physical condition is improving, which is why it is so welcome to those who have suffered poor health. Of course, if tarot cards were that straight forward everyone would be a tarot reader, so you need to think about strength in a more profound way. The Strength card can refer to mental strength - it could be telling you that you need to confront any issues that are troubling you, not in an arrogant or aggressive way, but by using reason and compassion. Strength asks you to appreciate that whilst some compromise may be valuable, backing down to the point where you are sacrificing your goals or morals is not. Strength is an important relationship card, it may also ask you to have the confidence to forgive and forget, or even accept those dear to you may need some time alone. In one to one relationships, romantic or otherwise, you may find someone has been doing their best to send you up the wall and racing along the ceiling. No-one could blame you for losing your cool, but using your compassion and your ability to see their side of the argument, will produce much better results than exploding like Vesuvius. Count to ten, count to twenty, and if all else fails count to one hundred. In love matters, gentle persuasion is the key to soothing any troubled waters. However, don’t forget to examine your own motives and emotional responses too.

Reversed Meaning

Reversed Strength suggests there is an issue regarding a lack of self-control which has led to emotional and physical self-indulgence. This in turn, has weakened your moral stamina and has set you struggling when life doesn’t quite go to plan. Equally, if you have been a bit grumpy, edgy or sharp tongued of late, you may need to ask yourself why. It could be that you are feeling a bit vulnerable or frustrated. Perhaps you don’t seem to have as much control over your situation as you would like. When it comes to love, is your relationship based on equality, or is one person doing all the giving whilst their partner is only too happy to take and offer little back? When reversed, Strength reminds us to have faith in our own abilities, and that if we can develop this trait, we will be able to overcome most problems.

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