The Suite of Cups

Cups resonate with the emotional aspects of our lives, and are also allied with the creative arts. There is a temptation to see Cups as cards of love, and whilst this can indeed be the case, it is not always true. After all, not all emotions are connected to love, for example receiving a parking ticket is hardly going to fill your heart with the warmest of human emotions. So, yes Cups can signify love, but they can also suggest sorrow, anger, jealousy, happiness, fear or desire. Cups may also suggest that the subject’s intuition is working well and that they would be wise to listen to their inner voice. They can also imply that the subject is particularly creative.


Cups are associated with the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These personalities are sensitive, emotional, romantic and sensual, although they may be rather clingy and vulnerable. Cups can also describe people with mid to light brown hair.

Cups in a Reading

If there are a large number of Cups in a reading, it suggests that the subject is about to experience some powerful emotions. However, it is important to remember that feelings are not objective, so the true situation may not always reflect what the subject feels. When dealing with Cups, take a look at the next most numerous suite to see if the subject is interpreting the situation accurately. If the Cups are generally positive and appear in an upright position, the subject is likely to be in a positive frame of mind. On the other hand, inverted cards or less cheerful cards such as the Four or Five of Cups, would suggest the subject is in a less cheery state of mind.

List of Cups Tarot cards

Below is the list of Cups Tarot cards. Please click on the image of the card you're interested in to read about the meanings of that card.

Ace of Cups
Joy, love, happiness, emotions, sensitivity, self-awareness, creativity, spiritual progress.
Two of Cups
Partnership, relationships, happiness, affinity, attraction, bonds, understanding, forgiveness.
Three of Cups
Abundance, good fortune, security, prosperity, celebration, creativity, friends, community.
Four of Cups
Apathy, boredom, dullness, lack of direction, passivity, self-centred, feeling sorry for yourself.
Five of Cups
Loss, disappointment, heartache, new hope, regrets, feeling deprived, acceptance.
Six of Cups
The past, memories, reminiscences, childhood, inner child, playfulness.
Seven of Cups
Imagination, subconscious, dreams, aspirations, hopes, confusion, self-indulgence, too many choices.
Eight of Cups
Changes, moving on, exploration, seeking the truth, self-discovery, recklessness.
Nine of Cups
Well-being, contentment, happiness, satisfaction, self-satisfied, smug, sensuality.
Ten of Cups
Achievement, contentment, commitment, family, happiness, domesticity.
Page of Cups
Creativity, education, news, love, demonstrative, emotion, flirting, dreaming.
Knight of Cups
Sensitivity, romance, over dramatic, rescue, imagination, falseness, two faced.
Queen of Cups
Compassion, kindness, empathy, sensitivity, unconditional love, emotionally aware, unstable behaviour.
King of Cups
Good advice, maturity, authority, threat, wisdom, sang froid, balance, controlled emotion.
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