The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Chariot Tarot Card Keywords

Hard work, self-control, being pulled in two directions, ambition, journeys, victory.

Chariot Tarot Card Description

Oh, I’m glad I’m not travelling with this reckless chap, he’s so busy posing he doesn’t even have any reigns to guide the colourful creatures which pull his eccentric conveyance. Not that it matters, as he isn’t looking in the right direction anyway. Thanks for the lift mate - but I think I’ll just walk.

Upright Meaning

It’s time to harness your inner-control freak and get down to the job in hand. When The Chariot appears upright in a reading, this is the ideal time to realize your worth. The Chariot tells you that if you want to succeed, you will need to grab the reigns and use your confidence and self-belief to reach your goals. Of course, if you are one of life’s shrinking violets, the thought of such a direct approach could give you an attack of the vapors, but try not to panic. If you really aren’t assertive, help could be at hand in the shape of someone who is the typical ‘alpha’ type - you might not like them, but they will certainly achieve the desired results. Equally, if you have tended to be a little too accommodating in the past, you should be reaching a stage in your life where you will have the confidence to stand up for your beliefs. At last, you can make decisions based on what you think is right for you, rather than what others like to think is right for you. Having said all that, there is still a place for self control and mastering your emotions, because if you can manage to do this you should be well on the road to accomplishing your aims. The Chariot encourages you to take risks and aim high - the only thing you have to worry about is what are you going to do with all that success?

Reversed Meaning

Do you really need to try and control everything down to the smallest detail? When The Chariot appears reversed, it could well be a sign that you need to step back and chill. Sometimes the unexpected can produce opportunities, whereas regulation and order can stifle creativeness. And what about those closest to you such as family and colleagues, could your rules and obsession with order stop them reaching their full potential by constraining their creativity or adding stress to their lives? Of course it may be you that would like to soar to bigger and better things, but you can’t, because someone else has tethered your spirit. If you do find yourself seething with frustration and anger it could well be that it is because you find yourself in a powerless position. Reversed, The Chariot warns us that there is a struggle at hand and we may feel unable to do much to improve the situation. Nevertheless, all is not lost and if we are willing to take responsibility and accept our individual power, we can yet turn the circumstances to our advantage.

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