The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

Empress Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Maternal instincts, motherhood, creativity, domestic well-being, luxury, sensuality.

Empress Tarot Card Description

With her shield and scepter, The Empress is obviously a lady of great power, nor does her confident posture suggest that she is nervous of using it. Still, if you look closely, this mature woman has a gentle face, furthermore, she carries no weapon suggesting her role is protective rather than actively belligerent.

Upright Meaning

The Empress is ruled by the planet Venus, she could not be associated with a more suitable planet. The Empress represents the notion of what are seen as traditionally feminine qualities, although this does not mean that the person represented by the card is necessarily a biological female. The Empress represents all that is compassionate, nurturing, creative, intuitive and fertile. As a result, this lovely card is also associated with the arts, grace and beauty. So, for anyone working in the arts or just interested in developing artistic talents, the appearance of The Empress can be an excellent sign. The Empress is closely associated with motherhood - this could be an individual who actually is a parent, or just as likely, someone who acts in this manner; either the querant or someone around them. Either way, maternal energy is almost certainly to be playing a major part in your life. Unsurprisingly, the appearance of The Empress can also foretell the arrival of a baby into your inner-circle. When it comes to business or education, the arrival of The Empress tends to suggest that any goals or plans are likely to reach a satisfactory conclusion - as long as you are willing to work towards them. Romantically, when The Empress appears there is a strong tendency for relationships to be positively aspected, any marriage or permanent relationship that is subject to this card is reckoned to be fortunate. Whatever the issue, when The Empress appears in the upright position, you can be confident that the chances are you will make progress towards your ambitions, however rocky the path, as long as you put in some effort.

Reversed Meaning

When upright, The Empress is sweetness and light, but reversed she can be a different kind of gal, especially in relation to, well…relationships. She can be a sign that you have been mothering your lover, in which case you need to stop, or alternatively that you need to mother them to get them motivated. Equally, your squeeze could be possessive, or it could be you who needs to chill. You might also find that there is a female presence in your life who is being disruptive, this could well be a colleague or your mother. When it comes to career, education and    business, this is not the ideal time to work on creative projects and your goals may actually benefit if you put them on hold for the time being. It is also very important that you do not let greed or the urge to over-indulge influence your decision making. Social and business interactions with members of the opposite sex are likely to be particularly difficult when this card appears in a reversed position.

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