The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

Fool Tarot Card Keywords

Eternal optimist, exploration, adventure, immaturity, passion, unpredictability, a quest.

Fool Tarot Card Description

The Fool is usually seen as the first card of the tarot, but instead of being given the number ‘1’ its numerological value is actually ‘0’. The Fool is in fact, a clean slate waiting for life to write a story on its pristine surface.  Still, what a silly fool he is, there he is about to wander off a precipice without taking any notice of the loyal little dog at his side who is barking a warning. Nevertheless, there is hope, he has a bag of provisions with him which should enable him to overcome the leaner days ahead if he uses them wisely. Perhaps we shouldn’t be too unkind though, he does at least have the enthusiasm to set off on life’s journey rather than sit at home in front of the telly - OK, they didn’t have TV when the cards were first designed, but you’re no fool, so you get the idea.

Upright Meaning

The Fool is the first card of the tarot pack, so it is fitting that it represents new beginnings. This new beginning may not be something you planned, but that need not make it something to fear. Think of it rather as a new adventure. Like any adventure, you may find yourself facing challenges and frustrations, but the Fool reminds us that the outcome of these can be as dependent on your attitude towards them as the skills you carry in your travelling bag. When you face difficulties with confidence, optimism and energy, they are likely to shrink, change character or even disappear altogether. The Fool reminds us that if you can’t make an informed decision a ‘leap of faith’ can lead to you bounding down the right path, as long as you follow your heart. The Fool also reminds us to celebrate our inner-child and cherish those moments of enthusiasm and joy we experience when we start a new project or fall in love. Talking of love, well, we probably aren’t. When it comes to romance, The Fool suggests there is a danger of falling in love with love, or that your lover may be wild and exciting but that they are also likely to be unreliable, feckless and faithless. In relation to sexuality, The Fool might be seen as something of a ‘swinger’ as he represents erotic energy and pleasure, but an inability or unwillingness to commit.

Reversed Meaning

Whenever you look at The Fool, he seems to be heading for a tumble, but when he is reversed he is already head-over-hills rolling down the mountain, Oh dear! What a mess! If only he’d listened. Ah well, he’s rushed in where angels fear to tread and I doubt it’s for the first time either. When he is reversed, The Fool is a wake-up call telling us to stop behaving like a spoilt child and take our responsibilities much more seriously. This is particularly true if we find ourselves in a new or different situation. The reversed Fool also reminds us that we are not alone in the world and we need to ensure that our actions do not hurt others. He reminds us not to make rash promises or ignore the feelings of others in our rush to self-gratification. When it comes to our career, the reversed Fool asks us to consider our relationship to authority. Are we being a little immature, seeking to pass the buck or shying away from positions of responsibility? Generally, when The Fool is reversed, you can almost be 100% positive that the difficult situation we find ourselves in is in some way connected to indiscretion, impulsiveness and impatience. When reversed The Fool counsels us to slow down, think and be committed which is, it must be said, rather dull, but not half so dull as having to free yourself from an avoidable problem. In his reversed form, The Fool is frequently trying to tell us to stop, listen and think before we act. He reminds us that we may hear every word spoken to us, but that is of little use unless we also listen.

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