The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning

Hanged Man Tarot Card Keywords

Willing sacrifice, attainment, progress, boredom, changing priorities, a new approach.

Hanged Man Tarot Card Description

This must be one of the oddest cards in the tarot deck, this poor chap is all topsy turvy, hanging from his heel he certainly gets to view the world in a different way. Still, he doesn’t seem unduly worried by his rather strange situation as he hangs there quite contentedly.

Upright Meaning

Everything is strange about The Hanged Man, not only is the image peculiar, but the message it conveys is odd and complex too. In its simplest form, The Hanged Man tells you that you are facing a crossroads and you need to take a step back to consider what issues are involved and what your next move should be. This can also mean that you will be able to get out of a rut you have been in for a while. When it comes to a tricky relationship, The Hanged Man suggests that there will be a cessation of hostilities - at least for a time. You may also need to ask yourself, is it the other person who is causing the contretemps or are you getting to enjoy playing the victim? The Hanged Man is about sacrifice. He asks you to consider if you are willing to give something up, however, this act needs to be done in the right spirit and not for show. The Hanged Man often suggests that the time may have come for approaching the world in a different way; releasing old values and customs which, although they have served you well in the past, are becoming outmoded. So far, so sensible, yet now The Hanged Man suggests you do something very odd indeed. If you want to move forward, he advises you take the path which, at first sight, seems least likely to produce results. Let’s imagine you want to put your name forward for promotion, The Hanged Man suggests you are more likely to reach that goal if you don’t add your name to the list. The more you want something, the more you need to give up that desire, only then, will you get the very thing you wanted in the first place. When The Hanged Man hangs around your reading, the suggestion is you are far more likely to reach your goals if you take actions which seem contrary to the fulfilment of your ambitions.

Reversed Meaning

A change is as good as a rest. And although it is often true that tried and tested methods are helpful, they can also become tired and rusty. It may be time to replace your old and worn ideas with something more up to the minute. Equally, whilst we all have to be practical, it could be you’ve been a bit too materialistic of late, and your spiritual side has been left to shiver and starve in the cold - it’s time to put some zing back into your life by changing your priorities.

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