The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

Hermit Tarot Card Keywords

Solitude, detachment, discretion, seeking the truth, going on retreat, introvert, meditative.

Hermit Tarot Card Description

The Hermit holds his lamp up high so he can see the path ahead of him clearly, or could it be that he is holding the lamp so that others can see him or a pathway through the darkness? The Hermit seems to be an elderly person as he has pure white hair and carries a walking stick, suggesting he has developed wisdom by experience as well as academic training.

Upright Meaning

The Hermit represents the most secretive part of ourselves. So his appearance in a spread often means he is asking you to take time-out, ideally alone. The Hermit suggests you need to take the opportunity to do some soul searching, away from the influence of the rat race, the media and other folks. If you are about to make an important decision, you will need to reflect carefully and avoid rushing ahead with any plans that could push those around you into acting against their morals or interests. Similarly, should you be seeking guidance around a relationship issue, The Hermit encourages you to consider your past emotions and patterns of behaviour as clues to which pathway you should follow. When The Hermit appears in matters concerning relationships, he is often a warning that this may not be the right time to commit yourself for the long haul.  The appearance of The Hermit is a sign that this is a perfect time to attend to spiritual, religious and self-development matters. This is the ideal opportunity to turn to your preferred deity, guardian angel or ancestors for guidance, as they will be able to lead you through any problems. On a more mundane level, help may also be available from an older pal, a mature family member or a kindly mentor.

Reversed Meaning

Like Greta Garbo, you may want to be alone - but is this really the right policy? Put too much pressure into the confined space available in a balloon, and you know what’s going to happen don’t you? Much as you might relish hiding away in a dark corner, this is a time to reap the rewards of all the favours you’ve done and ask for some help. You’ll be surprised how many folks are willing to lend a hand. When it comes to romantic involvements, finding The Hermit reversed suggests that either you or your partner may be trying to withdraw from the relationship. Remember in any scenario, if The Hermit appears reversed he is probably asking you to get your head out of the sand, shake the remaining grains from your ears, and look around. Ignoring the situation just isn’t going to work. Whilst it is equally true, rushing around won’t help either, a well thought out, calm approach can produce some good results.

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