The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

Lovers Tarot Card Keywords

Love, relationships, a choice, seeking love, partnership, conflicting options.

Lovers Tarot Card Description

Like all the Major Arcana, The Lovers refers to important events happening in your life now. This could be one big event or an attitude that colours the way you see everything around you. Don’t be fooled though, The Lovers refer to far more than romance.

Upright Meaning

You’ve drawn The Lovers, and single or attached, it’s the card we all want to draw - but it’s not all wine and roses, The Lovers has a very serious side. The Lovers asks you to consider what love means to you. Are you seeking an evening of naughty-but-niceness or a lifetime of support and commitment? Perhaps you should also stop to ask what the other person in the situation might want, or believe they already have from your interaction. The Lovers often puts in an appearance when you need to make a choice regarding a relationship, such as whether to commit or move on. You may even discover you are inundated with admirers and have to decide which lucky person will win your heart. Alternatively, it may be you who is considering becoming involved with someone who is not available. If you are single, you could be aching to find a special someone. If you do, be a little cautious, don’t allow yourself to fall in love with the notion of love. Remember that although The Lovers sounds kissy and cosy, this does not have to be romantic interaction, it could also refer to a business arrangement, and you could well find yourself trying to decide if you would gain from taking on a business partner or new employee. Indeed, The Lovers can refer to any major choice which you face, usually one with a number of conflicting possibilities. As long as you are willing to remain level-headed and apply lashings of common sense, there is no reason why the decision you make should not be the right one.

Reversed Meaning

Angels would move warily, but you are about to rush in. If you charge in to making an important decision you will regret it - and soon. Weigh up each aspect of your situation carefully. Unfortunately, The Lovers can also be a warning against procrastination. Somehow you need to suss out whether you need to slow down or speed up, whichever is the case, you need to remain consistent, as inconsistence will be the biggest mistake of all. As you might expect, The Lovers reversed is an unfortunate sign in regard to relationships of all descriptions, and suggests that you are entering a period of misunderstanding, confusion and arguments. Romantically, if The Lovers is reversed in a reading, there is a risk that one member of a couple could be tempted by forbidden fruit.

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