The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

Magician Tarot Card Keywords

Confidence, skill, good communication, dishonesty, focus, knowledge.

Magician Tarot Card Description

He might look like he’s cooking up a curry, but the Magician has bigger things to fry than onions. He is putting the ingredients together for a spell, and some of those ingredients would take some careful handling as they could be dangerous. Equally, without paying attention to work, the Magician is likely to produce something that either fails to work as he’d like, or simply doesn’t work at all.

Upright Meaning

The Magician is an intelligent and great communicator - little wonder this card is ruled by Mercury - the planet of communications. Still, it is vital to remember that whilst The Magician is a pragmatic card, he is still in touch with his esoteric roots and can be a sign that you need to listen to your inner voice as much as the outer clamour around you. So, if you have a task to complete, a promotion to nab or someone to impress, The Magician suggests you have everything you need to get the job done. Talking about jobs, The Magician is a practical card, so actions that produce results and objects are particularly blessed at this time - especially so if they are involved in business or politics in some way. The Magician does not promise ‘plain sailing’ for ventures which you know are risky, but with him on your side, you can succeed as long as you are willing to be flexible, communicate carefully and use a dollop of willpower. Away from the mundane work-a-day world, The Magician is a bit of an old romantic, and the appearance of this card suggests that the communication side of a relationship is particularly strong.

Reversed Meaning

With that knife in his hand, The Magician needs to watch out or he could be so sharp he’ll cut himself. That can be the problem with this card. The Magician knows he is great at what he does and he gets results, but sometimes we need to be a bit more careful or we can use our gifts in a negative way. In this frame of mind, the card can also be a warning against being selfish or so centred on your goals you can’t see the harm that their side effects could cause. OK, assuming you aren’t an egocentric.

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