The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

Moon Tarot Card Keywords

Secrets, the subconscious, delusion, introspection, unrealistic, psychic abilities, exaggeration.

Moon Tarot Card Description

Strange things are afoot. Under the light of the Moon two dogs bay, and a lobster leaves the depths to bask in the moonlight. The effects of The Moon are felt everywhere as its beams radiate onto the city and countryside below, and even into the underwater environment.

Upright Meaning

What makes you feel safe and secure? With The Moon in your tarot reading, it can be hard to feel sure, what is normally comforting to you can seem a cause for concern. The reason for this is that The Moon pulls feelings from our subconscious and the shadow side of our personalities and forces them out into the light. When the Moon appears upright, it invites you to explore these feelings further, and to dive deep into your psyche. This tends to mean this is an ideal time to address any issues requiring counselling. When The Moon turns up in your tarot spread, you can be sure nothing is quite as it seems, muddles and misunderstandings seem to become mandatory. The reason for this mayhem is that someone is not being truthful. Now, it could be that it is you who is deluding yourself regarding a given situation, or it could be that someone else has pulled the wool over your eyes; this in turn could leave you feeling disillusioned and depressed. Don’t despair all is not lost! If you feel trapped in a peasouper of doubt, ditch logic and use your intuition to guide you towards the light. If you still feel you can’t see the wood for the trees, a consultation with a friendly psychic could help you find a clearing in your forest of confusion. Talking of intuition, The Moon also encourages you to power up your own psychic skills by attending development circles, learning meditation techniques or simply dropping into your favourite New Age emporium to see what is on offer.

Reversed Meaning

Confused? If not, you soon will be. When The Moon appears upside-down in a tarot reading, it points to muddles and mistakes. The reason for this is your emotional state. It could well be that you are so wrapped up in what you feel, you’ve totally neglected to consider what you think. Could it be time to force your inner drama queen to abdicate? You may also find you are rather insecure and have decided you don’t fit in or belong anywhere - but is this really the case? The Moon suggests that you need to be careful regarding the honesty of others. This could mean that a lover will be unfaithful or that someone has their beady eye on your belongings.

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