The Star Tarot Card Meaning

Star Tarot Card Keywords

Good fortune, happiness, acceptance, health, resolution, love, trust, self-expression.

Star Tarot Card Description

The night sky is lit up with a star so brightly that a bird sings whilst a woman pours water into a river. If you’ve ever seen illustrations for the star sign of Aquarius, the image on this card will look familiar. This is not entirely surprising, as The Star is indeed ruled by that constellation.

Upright Meaning

So you’ve got The Star, lucky you! This card is said to be one of the most fortunate in the tarot pack. This is the ideal time to think about self-expression. Have you ever wanted to draw, sing, dance, write or maybe you just want to restyle your home? Whatever your creative ambition, The Star urges you to give it a go, you could well be delighted with the results. When it comes to business or education, The Star tells you to believe in yourself and not to be shy when it comes to pushing yourself forward. Holding your nerve now could open up some sparkling opportunities. You may also find you feel sublimely serene at this time, and thus able to cope with anything that comes your way. Equally, you could find yourself making a few new and important discoveries. However, such knowledge will come to you in an easy manner. Your motivation, sense of self and ambitions will usually become more defined when The Star appears in your tarot reading. The Star is a particularly fortunate card to receive if health matters have been something of an issue, as it suggests an improvement in your situation. If romantic relationships are on your mind, The Star brings glad tidings. In matters of love, if you are still single, a real life Romeo or Juliet is heading your way, and this time the story has a happy ending. Romantic relationships old and new will benefit from a treasure trove of trust and love. The Star is a card which wants to boost your confidence and encourage you to develop plans and experiences old and new.

Reversed Meaning

The Star couldn’t be a difficult card if it tried. Still, reversed it does manage to be a bit grumpy round the edges. In its reversed state, The Star maintains its promise of pleasurable times ahead, but like an awkward station master, it delays the gravy train a bit. Well, actually, it isn’t The Star that’s causing the problem is it? No, chances are it’s you who is just too downbeat to open up to all the opportunities presented to you. Perhaps past events have taught you to be cautious, but addressing issues arising from self-doubt and pessimism should soon see you back on track…All Aboard!

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