The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

Sun Tarot Card Keywords

Education, learning, wisdom, success, achievement, self-confidence, new friendships.

Sun Tarot Card Description

Two childlike figures soak up the rays from a brightly coloured sun. The four colours the sun emits echo the colours ascribed to the four elements, and remind us that the healing energy of the sun is available to everything, and that life would be impossible without the sun’s influence.

Upright Meaning

The Sun is a lovely cheerful card to find staring up at you from the tarot deck. When The Sun appears, it brings with it positive thoughts and the energy and drive to realize them. This is a time when communication is central, but as luck would have it, the channels for communication are running smoothly. When The Sun appears in a reading, thoughts and plans are crystal clear. Fortunately, with The Sun high in your sky, you will have confidence, drive, ambition and charisma to achieve your aims. Nevertheless, you need to ensure you don’t use that charisma to be too pushy. You may think you know best, and to a point this may true, but you really shouldn’t try to bend everyone to your will. If you have questions regarding a romantic relationship, ask yourself if you are trying to change your loved one or are they trying to change you? Have you been having a difficult time recently? If so, you will be delighted to discover that your circumstances will change dramatically soon - a fun-filled, carefree future awaits you. Keep your eyes open for a new relationship. This may not be a romantic revelation, in fact, it is more likely to be platonic, but it will be highly influential in your life. If you fancy tying the knot or starting a family, The Sun suggests this could be the ideal opportunity.

Reversed Meaning

As ever, The Sun is a positive card, but before you run up a flag to celebrate your success - slow down. Your goal is in sight, but you haven’t crossed the finishing line just yet. Firstly, you need to ensure your goals and ambitions are reasonable. Secondly, whilst confidence will help you achieve your goals, over-confidence will hamper your progress, so a little modesty can go a long way. You may also find that your personal circumstances hinder your progress. Don’t panic, there may be little you can do to change these, but staying positive will see you overcome even the most awkward of obstacles. When it comes to relationships, honesty will be paramount. Are you really as happy as you make out, or is there some room for improvement - could it be time to get talking? It may also be that you are so impressed by seeking personal glory, that you are ignoring those closest to you.

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