The World Tarot Card Meaning

World Tarot Card Keywords

Completion, reward, satisfaction, celebration, travel, accomplishing goals.

World Tarot Card Description

A figure stands in a circle surrounded by four mystical creatures which come from symbolic representations for the four Christian Evangelists; a winged lion, an ox, an eagle and a winged man or an angel. The four creatures are believed to draw the Merkabah or the chariot of God.

Upright Meaning

According to L. P. Hartley in The Go-Between; ‘The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there’. He could have been describing The World, which celebrates the ending of one chapter of your life and the beginning of a new one. When The World appears in a reading, it tells us we can only move forward, but asks us to accept that going back could only be a negative step. The World suggests that you are particularly in tune with your psyche, your gifts and your limitations, thus, you are able to make sensible decisions with good results. In relationship matters of the romantic, friendship, business or neighbourly variety, you are able to relate well to others. In romantic or business terms, it could well mean that you have found your ideal partner. If career concerns have been causing you to crease your brow, don’t worry, you are about to find your life’s vocation. The World means there is no chance of returning to the tried and tested path of your previous existence, whatever the cost, you can only move forward, yet, the outcome is likely to see you celebrating. If you have any plans to travel or would simply like to do so, you can rest assured that any trip can go very well indeed. A trip of a lifetime is a definite possibility. The World tells you that you will be expanding your horizons, either literally in the sense of travel (usually over the sea), or in a more metaphorical manner, such as exploring new ideas or meeting new people.

Reversed Meaning

Someone has been procrastinating and this has slowed down progress to a grinding halt. Assuming it is not you that can’t make up your mind, there really isn’t much you can do to get things moving. If you do decide to try and chivvy things along a little, you will find gentle persuasion works better than losing your temper, however justified this may seem. Equally, if you are travelling, especially overseas, expect some delays and allow extra time for your trip. The good news is although you may be cooling your heels at the airport, anxiously chewing your pen as you await the arrival of an important document or item, this is just a minor hitch and your plans will reach a successful conclusion.

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