Weekly Horoscopes 31st August 2020

Published: Monday, 31 August 2020 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.
Weekly Horoscopes 31st August 2020

Yes, there is a big Full Moon in Pisces this week and a lively Sun/Uranus angle, but also Venus continues to have huge impact. A relationship or business offer needs careful consideration, or will a weak tie reach break point? Mercury's fine links to Saturn & Pluto, gives us a fine chance to grapple with what's really essential. For your FREE Weekly Horoscope 31st August 2020 please see below...

Weekly Horoscopes

Aries 21 March - 20 April

Making order out of chaos may be the task of the week, especially as feelings can be running high, and the Pisces Full Moon could add to any confusion. If you are uncertain stick with the facts, and if you have too much to do, then break it down into chunks. Relationships show more promise from the weekend, with Mercury and Venus bringing passion and companionship Aries. 

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Taurus 21 April - 21 May

Life is meant to be an adventure, but this week you could feel bogged down, unless you make a concerted effort to tap into your creative side to find answers to current issues. It may be that you need to hold uncomfortable conversations, and if so, trust that the ideas will flow as you get into your stride. Ready for some self-care? Venus's move into luxuriant Leo can spur you on Taurus.

Gemini 22 May - 21 June

Is your work/life balance as you would like it to be? This week, you may be ready to make those changes that improve matters for you and close ones. If you are ready to fulfil a key goal of yours, Mercury's link with Pluto can help you focus your energy and resources to make it possible. Keen to connect with someone special? From the weekend you could be irresistible.

Cancer 22 June - 23 July

If life seems complicated, then you may have a yearning to get away from it all and relax. The Full Moon this week can enhance this desire even more, and you could move from the dreaming to the planning stage. At the same time, don't shy away from saying what needs to be said, as this too might leave you feeling less burdened and more at peace with yourself over the days ahead.

Leo 24 July - 23 August

If you are doubting yourself, and your confidence seems to dip in response to issues that need to be tackled, then don't lose heart. While you may have a lot to contend with, give yourself a reward each time you accomplish something difficult, and this can boost your mood. As Venus moves into your sign over the weekend, you'll soon feel better and ready for good company.

Virgo 24 August - 23 September

Don't rush into making any major decisions until you are sure they are right for you. With Mercury linking to Neptune and Pluto, you may feel you are being pulled in more than one direction, and be uncertain which is best. Plus, the Full Moon can find you caught up in a heady fantasy. As Mercury moves into a quiet zone, take time to reflect and the answers will come.

Libra 24 September - 23 October

Others may think they know what is best for you, and this could be a cause of contention over coming days. If it seems they are keen to get the upper hand, then you will need to let them know that you are the captain of your ship and master of your destiny. As Mercury swings into your sign over the weekend, you'll find a tactful way to address such issues Libra, and keep the peace.

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

Uncertain how you feel about someone? The coming days may confuse things further, as a pearly Full Moon in dreamy Pisces, could gift you with a fertile imagination. Mind, the Sun's tie to Uranus can coincide with an encounter that is more straightforward and refreshing, and this might lead to further contact. Ready to be a star? From the weekend you could really shine Scorpio.

Sagittarius 23 November - 21 December

You may be craving a chance to pursue an opportunity, and yet wonder if it is right for you. There might be so many things to think about, including your family, and this could cause you to be indecisive. If life has been too intense lately, then Venus's move into Leo can encourage you to step back and see the bigger picture, which may help define your relationship to your goals.

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

Need to make amends Capricorn? Trying to find the right words might not be easy. With a nebulous Full Moon midweek, feelings can fluctuate, so you may decide to beat a retreat. The second half of the week looks more promising, making it easier to agree to disagree, which could be a big step forward. As Venus enters passionate Leo, your love life sizzles with promise.

Aquarius 21 January - 19 February

Are you getting value for money? This week's Full Moon across your financial axis, can leave you confused about an offer that seems to promise great things, but could have a fatal flaw. Before you sign anything read the small print, and if in doubt get expert advice. The weekend brings options for sparkling company and romance, as Venus sashays into charismatic Leo.

Pisces 20 February - 20 March

Whatever is happening in your love life, the Full Moon in your sign midweek, can cast an ethereal veil over the details, and perhaps encourage you to let go and go with the flow. While this lunar phase might inspire you to dream and fantasize, it may be better to wait a few days before making any decisions Pisces. Mercury's move into Libra could assist with any complex conversations.

Weekly Horoscopes 31st August 2020

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