Weekly Horoscopes 30th January 2023

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Weekly Horoscopes 30th January 2023

It's a highly energised start to the week, when we can get on the front foot with our plans. Yet more unsettled celestial conditions shape up later and we may encounter people with very different tastes and attitudes to ourselves and generally relationships of all kinds can prove unsettled or unpredictable. For your in-depth Weekly Horoscope Forecast for each sign for WC 30th January 2023, please see below...

Weekly Horoscopes

Aries 21 March - 20 April

This looks to be a busy and sociable week, when you'll focus on your plans and get things moving. An optimistic frame of mind can assist you in making the most of any difficulties and help you get ahead. The weekend is a different ball game, as a Leo Full Moon could lead to dramas, impulsive decisions and perhaps a spending spree as a way to feel better about life. Go easy!

Taurus 21 April - 21 May

If you're to maintain good relationships, it's wise to tread carefully, especially in the latter part of the week. You could be lulled into a false sense of security early on, but tensions may begin to build and you can find yourself pulled in different directions by conflicting loyalties. Is your work/life balance wearing you out? Don't let it continue, Taurus. It's time to be more proactive.

Gemini 22 May - 21 June

If you're waiting for the right time to do something, then you could miss out on the action. This week, your ability to judge when to go ahead with a plan may be affected by doubts about whether it will work. Over the weekend, the influences showing up might encourage you to throw caution to the wind and take a risk anyway. You could lose out, but what if you succeed?

Cancer 22 June - 23 July

Don't let anyone stop you mid-stride, as with fortunate Jupiter in a high-flying zone, you seem to be doing very well. A clash between Venus and Mars could muddy the waters though, and this may be down to overthinking and a lack of belief. Come the weekend, things can take a turn in a new direction. You'll be motivated to invest in yourself. Just try not to overdo the spending.

Leo 24 July - 23 August

You won't be too worried about upsetting others, and might even enjoy causing a stir, Leo. But if it helps clear the air and gets things moving, you'll be pleased. The weekend has the potential to be more dramatic, as the Full Moon in your sign could bring feelings to the surface around a key issue. If things don't go as planned, you might get very stubborn and tetchy, and a tad dramatic.

Virgo 24 August - 23 September

You'll be inspired by so many ideas and opportunities that you might be in danger of taking on too much. And it would be a shame to water down your efforts if something is going well, just to satisfy your curiosity. This weekend you'll realize you can't do everything, even if you want to. A potent lunar phase may bring disruption and you'll want to simplify matters as a result, Virgo.

Libra 24 September - 23 October

While relationships seem to be going well, and be a leading source of entertainment and fresh opportunities, one bond could hit a snag. If it's a budding romance, then trying to hurry things along may be the worst thing you could do. This weekend, a Full Moon linked to Uranus could bring feelings rushing to the surface and cause you to say or do something you might regret.

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

Your home zone is in focus, as is a desire for change that might not be obvious at first. Over the days ahead, you'll realize that something needs to shift, and you might be ready to talk about it with other family members. The weekend Full Moon can bring tensions to the surface, and words may be exchanged, but the upshot could be that with a compromise everyone is happy, Scorpio.

Sagittarius 23 November - 21 December

You're ready for adventures that could breathe new life into your days, and this week could see you taking a step in the direction of a long-held dream. Jupiter's presence in your creative zone, encourages you to be bold and try things you've never dared to before. Plus, the Full Moon this weekend can push you to get a fresh and more exciting perspective around a key issue, Archer.

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

Go easy around spending, especially at the weekend, as you could splurge on items and then regret it. Mind, you could get a bargain that is more useful that you thought, and by accident too. This can be a time of surprises, as an offer may show up out of the blue that brings positive opportunities your way and allows you to make use of your extensive creative talents, Capricorn.

Aquarius 21 January - 19 February

You call the shots, and you're the one that comes up with ideas that surprise everyone. You're in the mood for change, and your plans could be unexpected which might unsettle a few people. The Full Moon this weekend may stir up issues associated with home and family and find you at odds with another. Yet it may be necessary Aquarius, to make the positive difference you seek.

Pisces 20 February - 20 March

You might be too accepting of a decision that puts you at a disadvantage. If someone does or says something that you don't think is right, you need to say so. They may be hoping that you won't, and they'll get away with it. The weekend could take this drama to a new level though, especially if you see the light. Don't say yes to anything that leaves you simmering inside.


Weekly Horoscopes 30th January 2023

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