Seek Purity in Love…

This week sees Venus moves into Virgo, joining with Mars. On Friday the Sun joins them both, bringing a hugely different dynamic to bear. With Uranus also in earthy Taurus and connecting with all three, in any type of relationship a fair share of give and take is essential but some novel approaches can help. Sense […]

Full Moon in Aquarius

The Sun rules the sign of Leo, so when the Moon is in opposition, as with the Aquarius Full Moon of Wednesday 15th August 2019, it’s a direct challenge to the Sun’s authority.Ordinarily the Aquarius Full Moon is asking us to stay mindful have how our individual actions and desires impact on those people we are connected […]

Jupiter Goes Direct – Go Big or Go Home?…

Jupiter began its retrograde on the 10th April 2019, and today it goes direct once more, in one of the two signs it rules of Sagittarius, where he will transit until the 2nd December, when it moves into Capricorn. It does though forge an enabling semi sextile with strict Saturn through to mid September. Where […]


Hello thanks so much for joining me.  An increasing part of my work are LIVE 1-to-1 Personal Consultations. If you would like to see an example of how I go about this, please watch the video below, which also explores different types of astrology, and how I work. The most wonderful thing about Personal Astrology […]

FREE Astrology Magazine & Overview August 2019…

Hello & Welcome to your FREE August 2019 Astrology Magazine.The Sun and Venus forge the most delicious alliance this month, and with Mercury AND Jupiter from the 12th, set to go forwards from retrogrades, a much brighter and more upbeat month can be in store. With warm wishes for this Month, Patrick August Overview… The […]

The Power of Love

If you are single, and would like to meet someone, then someone rather alluring could come into your orbit this weekend. Or then again someone you have slowly been getting to know could take on an even more tantalizing aura. This is because one of the most potent planetary angles is triggered an opposition between […]

Lunar Eclipse – The Heavens Rock

This Partial Lunar Eclipse is going to be supercharged. It creates a polarity between the receptive sign of Cancer – the location of the Sun, and the material energies of Capricorn. Matriarchal v Patriarchal. Because Pluto is in the mix, power battles are entirely possible and secrets revealed. Lunar Eclipse July 2019 Times and Dates… […]

Power gets challenged – Sun opposite Pluto…

Are you resisting some kind of major change or transition? Is there a lifestyle choice, personal attitude or alteration which is calling out to you which you are stubbornly refusing to embrace? The ways this energy can come up are manifest, but it may relate to a clash of personalities in a relationship, or one […]

Mercury Retrograde in Leo – July 2019

Mercury Retrograde or RX commences on July 7th at 4° Leo and ends on July 31st at 23° Cancer. Mercury is also conjunct the driven and more forceful energies of Mars. And in the sign of Leo they both occupy, this combination (which has gone on from the start of July) is set to amplify […]

July Monthly Overview & Magazine

Hello & Welcome to your FREE July Monthly Overview and Astrology Magazine. Balancing our need to feel secure, settled, protected and nurtured, against demands of fast moving political, world and work changes are likely to be the challenge this month. Still, Mars’ glorious transit through Leo, adds some real glam and glitz to proceedings too. […]