Aries Full Moon – Relationships review…

On Sunday 13th October at 10.07pm BST there is an Aries Full Moon. And this is supercharged by the energy of Pluto and also Saturn. How will this impact upon us? Well, this Aries Full Moon really is all about relationships. Good or bad, they are going to feel more vivid this weekend, and if something […]

Venus gets seriously sultry…

On Wednesday 9th October at 6.06pm BST Venus, the planet of love and attraction glides into one of its sultriest transits, moving into Scorpio. What does this mean? This change can heighten intensity in relationship situations. The desire side of our natures is accentuated. Now, Venus is known to influence intimacy and especially in Scorpio, […]

A Saturnian Quarter Moon…

On Saturday 5th October a Quarter Moon occurs in Capricorn which is close to Saturn, and opposes the North Node in Cancer. So a tense T Square is forged with the Sun in Libra.  So, how can we negotiate this? This waxing Quarter Moon can see us encountering those who are finding it more difficult […]

Mars storms into Libra…

On Friday 4th October at 5.32am BST Mars storms into Libra. This is the opposite location of Aries, which Mars rules, so is known to be in detriment in this sign. However, it can still be very positive. One of the potential downsides of 7th House or Libra energy can be a tendency to try […]

FREE Astrology Magazine & Overview October 2019…

Hello & Welcome to your FREE October 2019 Astrology Magazine. October begins with a line-up planets in the sign of Libra. All this is asking us to think carefully about how we interact with others, and also where we may want to be a bit more competitive. And this part of the equation is given […]

A Complex Libra New Moon

On Saturday 28th September at 7.36pm BST there is a New Moon in Libra. This asks us to think about our relationships, but with it forging a tense Quincunx angle to the restless energies of Uranus this combination can create complexities. To understand the full impact of this PLEASE READ BELOW FOR MORE… Whether we […]

Welcome in the Autumn Equinox

Monday 23rd September sees the Autumn Equinox at 8.50am BST, and the Sun’s move into Libra, the 7th sign, ruled by Air, with a Cardinal Quality. This is the mid-point in the Western Tropical Zodiacal journey Libra is to do with balance, and not only is this part of the celestial year the mid-point, it […]

Strict Saturn ends its Retrograde

Since April 30th 2019, strict Saturn has been Retrograde in Capricorn. If during this period life has seemed like walking through rather thick glue, it would be of no surprise. Now however, he goes direct PLEASE READ BELOW FOR MORE… Saturn rules the cycles of our live like no other planet, and when it goes […]

A Turbulent Harvest Full Moon…

The Full Moon occurs at 5.32am BST. The chart above for this is based on Greenwich in London. This shows an exact enabling Trine from the Sun in the down to earth Virgo and a helpful Sextile from the Moon in dreamy Pisces to the power broker Pluto in Capricorn. This suggests that this can be […]

A Super Spiritual Quarter Moon

The Quarter Moon in Sagittarius brings the first week of September to a close, but will cast its influence between now and next week’s Full Moon. But what do Quarter Moons mean, and this one in particular? Well, Sagittarius Moon energy is free, floating and inquisitive. And with this one conjunct the planet of opportunity, […]