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Jupiter Transiting Retrograde

Jupiter is traditionally referred to as the ‘great good fortune’, perhaps due to it being the largest Planet in the Solar System. However, when Jupiter turns retrograde this gassy Planet’s auspicious nature seems to evaporate. This usually occurs once a year, and it is at this time that lady luck appears to have left town. For normally Jupiter’s positive attributes can aid individuals in attaining what they desire, but when it retrogrades this conveyer belt stops working. As this is the occasion to concentrate on the inner riches you contain, expanding philosophies with optimism being internalised.

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Therefore, generosity will be limited, as funds will be in short supply and you should think twice before you splash the cash on expensive, large or important purchases, such as buying a house. Also, most importantly this is not the time to initiate a new enterprise or open a business if you are looking to yield a return. As any money making scheme will not profit, and expectations can be unrealistic during this period. Instead, it would be opportune to do the groundwork at this stage until Jupiter turns direct, and material and spiritual matters thrive once more.

The same might be applied to investments and the stock market too, as during this retrograde you may witness a distinct slowing down of the financial markets. However, some positive outcomes may still endure under this transit, as Jupiter stationed will exaggerate what is already indicated in your birth chart. So a win at the casino is not impossible under this transit, just take care and do not give what you do not have. For empty promises are likely under this period, never to be fulfilled.

If you have Sagittarius or to a lesser extent Pisces heightened in your chart, you may feel this transit strongly. Look to the Sign’s placements in your chart, along with Jupiter.

Jupiter Natal Retrograde

Those who are born with a retrograde Jupiter may appear to others not to have accomplished much during their life, perhaps not possessing the outward signs of wealth that others have. However, this has much to do with the fact that individuals with Jupiter retrograde at birth are less interested in attaining such symbols. Their value system being more attuned to immeasurable achievements and it is for this reason that often it is said, Jupiter retrograde individuals struggle to attain the resources necessary for everyday existence. They may favour occupations or pursuits far from being lucrative, gaining rewards spiritually or philosophically instead.

However, by choosing such avenues these individuals are working positively through this Jupiter lesson. For those born with Jupiter retrograde are thought not to have ventured much in a past-life, content to remain as they were, not stretching their capabilities or using talents. Therefore, this life is concerned with expansion, enabling individual’s with this placement to travel widely and open their mind up to diverse cultural experiences. However, they must do this without completely abandoning restrictions and becoming reckless and overindulgent.

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