Five of Cups Love Tarot Meaning

Five of Cups Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Breaking up, disappointment, heartache, moving on, regrets, rows, acceptance.

Five of Cups Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

The past is another country, they do things differently there. Unfortunately a past relationship can hang around a present one like fog and you may need to deliberately put it behind you before you can progress with your current amour. If your romance is making you feel gloomy try not to dwell on the downside, rather, consider the positive aspects. However, if the minuses still outweigh the plusses you might be better to move on.

If you are single, dreaming about the one that got away or re-working an old relationship again and again, it may stop you moving on and meeting Mr or Miss Magnificent. Try not to compare a current admirer unfavourably to past passion, if the first person had been such an ideal match they'd be with you now.

Reversed Meaning

It really is pointless to dwell in the past, so why are you doing it? Let go of a historic love and move on. Is it really fair to continue to tag along with someone just because they are there and you are too lazy or scared to move on?

If you are single you may need to do some work before you are ready to engage with a new amour, there is nothing wrong with this; be patient and give yourself some time before returning to the dating game. It won't be long before old wounds heal and you can move on.

You are a valuable and loveable human being with the divine right to be treated with kindness, consideration and respect, so if you are in an unhappy relationship - move on. If the relationship is abusive get out now and never go back (don't be afraid to ask for help from the relevant authorities if you need it).

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