Minor Arcana Love Tarot Card Meanings

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Let’s look at the building blocks of the Tarot pack. The Minor Arcana has the largest number of cards: fifty six. These are split into four suits just like playing cards (although the suits have different names), in no particular order they are; Cups (sometimes called Chalices), Wands (Rods or Staves), Pentacles (or Coins) and Swords (which aren’t usually given another name perhaps because no one loves them - you’ll find out why later). Each suit has four court cards, these are the King, Queen, Knight and Page, and the remaining cards are numbered one to ten.

Cups are associated with; water and the star signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. So if they turn up in your reading you could find a sexy Scorpio sidling up to you. They represent the emotions; therefore (depending on their position) they are just what you want to find in a love tarot reading. They can also give hints to our subconscious mind and how it affects our relationships.

When it comes to love tarot readings, hopefully you won’t find too many Swords. They are rather grumpy cards and are all about the intellect rather than the heart. They demand we base of decisions on logic rather than love (at least up to a point) and this is something we seldom feel the urge to do in matters of the heart. It seems odd therefore that they are associated with that most romantic of signs Libra, but this is due to their shared association with the element air, they are also allied with Aquarius and Gemini.

Minor Arcana Love Tarot Suites

Minor Arcana consists of 4 suites:

However much your heart is heaving you can’t live on thin air and Pentacles represent the practical aspects of life such as cash and career, although they have their pleasure loving side too, which explains their association with the element of earth and sensual Taurus as well as the other earth signs Virgo and Capricorn.

Wands are associated with fire, and what passionate cards they are! With Wands in your reading things can get red hot and very exciting. Remember, if you play with fire you can get burned so they can warn you to calm down a bit before you get too carried away. Wands are connected to those scorching star signs; Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.

It’s time to get regal as we move on to consider the Court Cards, the Page, Knight, Queen and King which appear in each suit.

Let’s start with the Kings. Kings follow the nature of their suit, so the King of Swords is a bit of a brainbox he is intelligent and a born communicator, yet when it comes to love his articulate nature fails him and he seems cold and unemotional. In contrast, the King of Pentacles is a sensible chap who likes to enjoy the pleasures of life; in love he will be sensual and shower his beloved with expensive gifts. Kings are forceful Tarot Cards which represent men and women with influence and magnetism. Kings aren’t subtle and when one marches into your life you’ll know it.

Queens represents a gentler energy and, like the rest of the court cards, they don’t refer to a person’s gender so much as their character traits. When a Queen appears in a reading keep an eye out for a creative or artistic person or someone with a caring, nurturing side, this is particularly true if that sweetie The Queen of Cups appears in a spread. 

We all love the idea of a knight in shining armour coming to whisk us off our feet. The Tarot Knights are a natural for this role as everything they do is extreme. The Knight of Wands is a prime example of this as he is thrilling and exciting or a reckless, immature, irresponsible pain, depending on his position in the spread - at least he’s not dull. Knights often represent people under 30 or folk of any age who are single and determined to stay that way. 

In Love related Tarot readings the Page is probably more of a liability than a lover, as he tends to suggest very immature adults (in a more general reading he also represents children and teenagers). The kindest thing one can say about the Page in a love reading is that he might be fun and carefree, but he could just as easily be juvenile and capricious.

Before your imagination runs away with the notion that the Knight of Cups is always a romantic lover who dotes on your every whim, remember Tarot Card interpretations vary from reader to reader and the above comments are only guidelines. A card which represents a dreamy lover to one reader could be just as reasonably interpreted by someone else as a soppy, over dependant emotional disaster area - only saying!

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