The Suite of Swords

Swords are everyone’s least favourite suite of cards. They tend to be a grim bunch with the Nine being particularly unpleasant. Yet, the element Swords represent is not in any way negative, for they represent air - without which life is impossible. Furthermore, air is associated with the mind; the very word ‘inspiration’ has its origin in the notion of breathing in. The positive aspects of Swords draw on this and are connected to ideas such as intellect, communication, power and rationality. The negative side is reflected in notions of conflict, anger, pain and aggression. Most of all, the suite of Swords is concerned with the truth. This can be positive as no one likes to be deceived, but it also has a harsh aspect as Swords cut to the truth regardless of the cost, which can be very hurtful for those concerned


Swords are associated with the Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. These characters are intellectual, logical, courageous and ambitious, although such folk can also seem cold and domineering. Swords can also suggest people with medium to fair coloured hair.

Swords in a Reading

If there are a large number of Swords in a tarot reading, it suggests that the subject is about to enter a difficult time in their lives, which could see arguments, break-ups and losses. Still, many of these concerns may in fact, be imaginary or exaggerated and things may not seem as bleak as they first appear. When Swords appear en masse in a reading, it can also mean that the subject is desperate to get to the truth regarding a matter. A selection of Swords can also suggest that a person has reached their nadir and their situation is about to improve.

List of Swords Tarot cards

Below is the list of Swords Tarot cards. Please click on the image of the card you're interested in to read about the meanings of that card.

Ace of Swords Ace of Swords
Coldness, emotional issues, willpower, head rules heart, lack of empathy.
Two of Swords Two of Swords
Repressed emotions, pretended indifference, conflict resolution, peace.
Three of Swords Three of Swords
Hurt, painful truth, separation, new beginnings, rejection, alienation, feeling let down.
Four of Swords Four of Swords
Enjoying being single, withdrawal, healing, taking stock, slowing down, truce, time apart.
Five of Swords Five of Swords
End of a relationship, pointless arguing, hostility, feeling undervalued conflict, humiliation.
Six of Swords Six of Swords
Moving on, holiday romance, recovery, leaving the past behind, new romance, overcoming difficulties.
Seven of Swords Seven of Swords
Dishonesty, cunning, manipulation, cheating, refusal to face the truth, opposition.
Eight of Swords Eight of Swords
Frustration, restriction, feeling trapped, vulnerability, playing the victim, emotional blackmail.
Nine of Swords Nine of Swords
Emotional pain, anguish, self-depreciation, unhappy affairs, guilt, worry, regrets.
Ten of Swords Ten of Swords
Loneliness, misery, end of relationship, moving on, hope, a brighter future, staying friends, resolution.
Page of Swords Page of Swords
Fun together, sharing ideas, looking out for each other, logic, best mates.
Knight of Swords Knight of Swords
Hedonism, passion, exciting liaisons, lust, tactlessness, impatient, insensitive.
Queen of Swords Queen of Swords
Honest, straightforward, open, unemotional, independent, enjoying your own company, single people, misanthropic.
King of Swords King of Swords
Traditional, authoritarian, assertive, cold, highly principled, honourable.
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