Knight of Swords Love Tarot Meaning

Knight of Swords Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Hedonism, passion, exciting liaisons, lust, tactlessness, impatient, insensitive.

Knight of Swords Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

Anyone represented by the Knight of Swords is going to struggle to hold down a relationship - they are curious about everything and hate being tied down. They will need a great deal of intellectual input to stave off boredom and whilst they can be attentive at first, they can soon lose interest.

In a relationship the Knight of Swords asks you to analyse any problems rather than jumping off the high board into the depths of your emotions. In this case your head should rule your heart. Singles need to realise looks and lucre are all very well but if there is no mental magic you may as well not bother. Sometimes beauty is only skin deep.

In a relationship you may find your other half is happier righting wrongs left right and centre rather than spending time with you. The only way you will ever reach them is to engage their intellect, emotionally they are almost inaccessible and they may almost fear being too close to someone.

Reversed Meaning

The reversed Knight of swords represents someone who likes to hold the moral high ground but has little sympathy for mere mortals. They know what is 'right' and they stick with that view whatever the costs. They see debate as a sport, which is fine but they don't actually debate at all; they browbeat people.

Sometimes this card suggests a dramatic and permanent breach in a relationship, such a split will leave one partner reeling and wondering what on earth went wrong. Obviously the reversed Knight of Swords does not always mean your romance is on the rocks but it can suggest that you are likely to have some disagreements. Let off steam with some sport or a long walk instead of releasing your workplace tensions by engaging in petty squabbles with your lover. If things are fraught remember to talk patiently to each other and be willing to compromise.

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