Five of Swords Love Tarot Meaning

Five of Swords Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

End of a relationship, pointless arguing, hostility, feeling undervalued conflict, humiliation.

Five of Swords Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

Lights! Camera! Action! The Five of Swords is a lively card, it can presage sudden change or restless energy. This is the kind of itchy demanding energy that can cause squabbles if it is not used in a positive way. You may find you and your loved one are a bit irritable with each other and unless you are vigilant arguments can abound. Be careful you do not try to win any disputes whatever the cost, sometimes it doesn't matter if you are 'right' so much as that you are willing to compromise. If your relationship is a little lacklustre make sure you are not using arguments to inject some passion, this might work in the short-term but over time it could do serious damage.

Reversed Meaning

No-one can say you haven't tried but sometimes you have to cut your losses. Perhaps the person you've been passionate about is just not what you had hoped. If the object of your desires is only really happy when they are putting you down, it is time to let go and discover someone who really values you. It may be that you constantly find yourself making the same mistakes time and time again; it might be wise to consider why you are drawn to such rotten relationships.

Of course, it may be that your relationship is generally great but for some reason things have been a bit tough recently, if this is the case you'll be glad to know this irksome interlude is drawing to a close and the pair of you will soon be best buddies again.

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