Seven of Swords Love Tarot Meaning

Seven of Swords Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Dishonesty, cunning, manipulation, cheating, refusal to face the truth, opposition.

Seven of Swords Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

There seems to be a tricky devious person hanging around you. If you've just met someone you'd be wise to be cautious as they may be spinning you a yarn. If you and your partner are established then make sure you are not being conned. Occasionally, it can be one of the partners in a relationship who has been deceitful or even less than faithful. If you have serious concerns that they are being duplicitous you need to discuss it with them.

If you are having difficulty committing to a relationship you might need to look in the mirror and ask if this is because you are unwilling to trust others - perhaps a previous rotten relationship has made you too wary.

Lovers may spend more time on rows than romance when the Seven of Swords appears in a reading, both sides need to concentrate on compromise rather than point scoring.

Reversed Meaning

Single souls need to consider whether they have been sub-consciously damaging their chances of a date due to fear of being hurt.

If your relationship is riddled with rows and difficulties you need to decide if there is anything left to salvage. If you do decide to try again be aware than whatever you do the situation may be irretrievable. Still convinced it's worth a go? Then you will need to be very patient, stay calm and meet challenges directly - but you're in for a rough journey. On the other hand you may receive an unexpected apology from your partner; this is a good sign and you should be able to work together for a satisfactory result.

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