King of Cups Love Tarot Meaning

King of Cups Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Long term relationships, bossy friends, dominating friends/lovers, wise friends, cold-hearted, undemonstrative.

King of Cups Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

A quirky, creative, individualistic and intuitive individual, the emotionally aware King of Cups is a fascinating person. This fellow values family life and is an excellent partner and parent. Despite all this they have a downside, they can be a bit moody and when they are upset they can make a lot of noise - but their bark is far worse than their bite.

Single folks seeking a delightful amour should get arty. Art galleries, creative courses and concerts can be the ideal places to find the friendliest of faces. Remember to be true to yourself and wise to your own needs and emotions to find your perfect mate.

Partners need to parley. Ensure you take the time to express you emotions to each other and then your love will become even more profound.

Reversed Meaning

Reversed King of Cups' Love Secrets

The reversed King of Cups represents a complex individual. They are capable of forming a close bond but are often too busy with other things to concentrate of romance. They can be controlling, selfish and can resent having to engage in the give and take of a successful relationship. The person you are interested in may not be that interested in you or they may be leading you on with no intention of forming a partnership.

You need to consider your own emotions, are you able to keep yourself under control? Do not act until you are cooler. You may find your partner is being domineering and difficult, don't let them boss you round. Speak to them calmly but don't be a doormat.

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