Knight of Cups Love Tarot Meaning

Knight of Cups Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Sensitivity, romance, knight in shining armour, perfect lover, falseness, over dependence, two faced.

Knight of Cups Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

Here he is, Mr Romantic himself, the Knight of Cups. If this card represents someone you know, get your best vase out because you are about to be inundated with flowers or other signs of affection. They love the very idea of love which is great, but can lead to them chasing after everyone in sight as they search for romantic perfection. That's the problem, none of us are the romantic ideal; we all snore, catch colds, or get the grumps from time to time, once the Knight of Wands realises their idol has feet of clay they're off on their hopeless hunt for human perfection once more. Ah well it was fun while it lasted. Of course it could be you that is always on the lookout for your next great romance, if so try to keep it real.

As long as they are willing to enjoy things while they last, singles are likely to enter a fun phase full of excitement which they can enjoy with a new special friend. Nevertheless this is not the time to dream of the wonderful future you want together; live in the moment.

Long term partnerships may struggle as you seem to grow further and further apart. Your partner may find the practical side of life boring and, for them, the grass may begin to look greener elsewhere.

Reversed Meaning

Your lover may be full of promises but a promise is only any use if it can be delivered, your amour maybe all words and no actions. They may think big but never stand the remotest chance of fulfilling their potential. Their protestations of love maybe exaggerated - don't take their claims at face value.

Remember you are an individual, don't lose sight of yourself in order to please your amour; you may need to be more assertive.

Lastly, don't resort to assorted substances to paper over the cracks in your love life, if you can't stand to be with them sober or straight you shouldn't be with them at all.

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