Knight of Pentacles Love Tarot Meaning

Knight of Pentacles Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Traditional relationships, long term relationships, dependability, need to accept the other's viewpoint, faithfulnes.

Knight of Pentacles Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

The Upright Knight of Pentacles is a practical and hardworking type who likes a steady approach and as a result values commitment in a relationship. The person represented by this card is conservative and ambitious. They like to think things through and are not therefore given to being impetuous. This person is reliable and trustworthy but perhaps not terribly exciting. 

If you are in a relationship which seems stuck in the mud - don't despair, it will progress but you must be patient, trying to force things forward will be counter-productive. Rest assured that your relationship is secure both emotionally and fiscally, even if it is not big on passionate excitement.

Reversed Meaning

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles is never going to set the dating world alight, this person is a homebody who prefers their hearth to the highlife, they are conservative and like their own way. On the plus side, they are reliable.

Solo souls need to fight the temptation to spend yet another evening in gazing at the goggle-box. Try to get out more, doing something different from your usual routine could lead to romance.

Yawn! Single or spliced it may seem that your love life is stuck in a rut and that you are desperate for a change. Well, don't get too radical in your approach to romance just yet, a little tweaking here and there or a spot of spontaneity could set you back on course. If you have a significant other, make sure you make time to enjoy each other's company. Be cautious that you are not overcritical of your lover, you may be a perfectionist but not everyone shares your obsessions.

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