Knight of Wands Love Tarot Meaning

Knight of Wands Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Charming, shallow, daring, passionate, exciting liaisons, lovable rouges.

Knight of Wands Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

Forget settling down quietly with a good book, the Knight of Wands isn't that kind of person. He represents someone who is full of life and always on the go. This person has a quicksilver mind and moves from one thing to another; at worst they are infuriatingly impulsive. They can hold you spellbound with their conversation moving deftly from one subject or idea to another and oozing charisma as they do so. They are not so much the life and soul of the party: they are the party. Unfortunately, they are just as mercurial in relationships so they tend to avoid the long haul.

When he doesn't represent a person, The Knight of Wands suggests an exciting time full of adventure. This is a good time to consider taking the odd risk as you are likely to reap the benefits, this is particularly true of relationships that have got a bit staid; an exciting trip can liven up a leaden love bond.

Reversed Meaning

The Knight of Wands doesn't do commitment; in fact he doesn't do much of anything for long. He is impatient and then when he has what he wanted he changes his tack. With this in mind be wary around new partners, they might seem keen but their interest could soon wane.

You may feel your relationship is unstable, this could be due to the number of changes that surround you, don't panic just hang on in there. Arguments may abound, it may be that agreement is impossible but you can calm the situation by agreeing to differ. There is also a likelihood of separation, put the hankies away this isn't a permanent end to the relationship, it is more likely to point to time spent away due to work commitments or the needs of family members.

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