Page of Cups Love Tarot Meaning

Page of Cups Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Love letters, being loved up, love, demonstrative, emotion, flirting, clinginess.

Page of Cups Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

If the Page of Cups represents a person they will be perceptive and emotional with strong intuition. They might well be 'arty' and creative with a lovable fun side. If you are looking for love, an invitation could lead to a romantic rendezvous or two. Don't be surprised if your admirer is a bit younger than you, or at least seems young for their age.

Anyone who is thinking of starting a family should be delighted to see this card as it is traditionally associated with youngsters. Equally, the Page of Cups can point to new beginnings such as moving to your dream home or engagements. Even long term partnerships that have got a bit dull and dusty can sparkle again under his influence.

Reversed Meaning

Is the apple of your eye a bit awkward, short of something to say or simply hesitant? The reason is probably that they are shy. There is no need to try and turn them into a party animal, be kind and tender and they will find a way to show you that they reciprocate.

If you are seeking someone be wary, that person who is full of big ideas and plans may also be full of hot air. They may appear romantic and swashbuckling but in reality they may be a fantasist. Equally, you may risk falling victim to Jack (or Jill) the lad/lass, don't join the other notches on their bedpost. If you're not sure listen to your intuition, if you have your reservations you'd be wise to retreat.

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