Queen of Wands Love Tarot Meaning

Queen of Wands Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Feeling drawn to someone, soul mates, domestic bliss, desire, dependability.

Queen of Wands Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

The Queen of Wands represents someone who is independent yet enjoys romance on their own terms. They are outgoing, friendly and self-reliant with many friends and admirers. They are not overly worried about what others make of them and can be a little eccentric, yet, they can also be very practical.

If you are single you need to stop worrying about the impression you give others and celebrate your own individuality. You also need to be out and about; Mr or Ms Marvellous is not going to come knocking on your door. If you are seeing a new squeeze, their sultry sexiness will drive you wild and fortunately they'll feel the same way about you.

If your romance is more slippers than satin sheets, you'll be glad to know it's time to slip into something sensual, as the passionate Queen of Wands is about to liven up your love life. If you manage to get out of the bedroom for a moment remember this lovely lady is all about fun, so grab your partner and do something daft.

Reversed Meaning

Remember Violet Blott from the Just William books who said whenever she wanted something 'I'll scream and I'll scream until I make myself sick'? Well, you could be about to meet her (or him). Their ambition is admirable, the methods they use for achieving their goals isn't. Fortunately, they are so self-centred they are likely to lose interest in you before long. Watch out though, the reversed Queen of Wands may also represent someone who would like to ruin your romance. Of course it is just possible that it is you who is trying to dominate your loved one, you may think you are always right but rest assured others will disagree. Don't just hear your partner's voice: listen to them. One of you may be feeling a bit neglected, make sure to take the time to cuddle up close and chase any feelings of insecurity away.

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