Seven of Cups Love Tarot Meaning

Seven of Cups Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Psychic bonds, many admirers, affairs, love rivals, hope for a new romance, flirtations, faithlessness.

Seven of Cups Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

Are you so busy day-dreaming about your sweetheart that you are failing to live in the present? Stop worrying about the future and attend to the here and now.

Tossing a coin is perhaps one way to choose between two potential partners, but it probably leaves room for improvement. You might do better to think things through properly; don't be afraid to let your intuition guide you in matters of the heart. The important thing here is to avoid rushing into action before considering all the options.

Reversed Meaning

Don't hang back, get out into the world. Yes it can be intimidating to initiate conversations with a cutey who takes your eye, but you can do it. Still, we need to keep things real, consider what it is you want from a partner and you are likely to avoid wasted time and disappointment. It's hard to keep a clear head when you are in love but it is vital to be realistic and focused. Is your partner trying to reach an agreeable compromise or do they want everything their way?

Yes, they are lovely, yes they have the most amazing eyes and yes their breath is like roses, now can you please, please, please change the record? You may be bewitched by your beloved but this is in danger of turning into an obsession. Are you being totally realistic about the object of your adulation or are you living in cloud cuckoo land? Get to know them properly before you give your heart away.

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