Weekly Horoscopes 31st December 2018

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Weekly Horoscopes 31st December 2018

Happy New Year! Mars powers into Aries as 2019 kicks off, and with Uranus greeting him, and angling up to Mercury in Sagittarius, there is a good bit of fire to add zest to our hopes and plans. Mind, with Saturn alongside the Sun all week, and a potent Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, we will need to stay abreast of more worldly considerations and responsibilities. For your FREE Weekly Horoscope 31st December 2018 please see below... 

Weekly Horoscopes

Aries 21 March - 20 April

From day one of 2019, you may be ready to let go of the past and embrace the new, full of energy and eagerness. The week ahead sets the pace and can bring a major shift in the area of your goals and career. If you've been contemplating changes, events can encourage you to take that step forward. But do be mindful of how much you are taking on, so as not to overextend yourself. 

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Taurus 21 April - 21 May

Completing whatever needs finishing and finding closure on matters that have dragged on too long, could pave the way for progress over the coming month or so. At the same time, this week's Solar Eclipse can encourage a more adventurous outlook that might see you working abroad, travelling or studying. Taking a leap of faith could prove rewarding in so many ways.

Gemini 22 May - 21 June

The end of the old year and start of the new, can see you engaged in a social whirl that may continue this month and beyond. Upbeat encounters can bring friendship and engaging opportunities. And resulting ideas may inspire a gear change. A vital Eclipse in a transformative area, could be a turning point for financial and business matters or deep soul bonds.

Cancer 22 June - 23 July

Ideas to expand your horizons may now be pursued with zeal, and this can see any obstacles to progress melting away. You may be amazed at how productive you can be over coming weeks. In addition, cosmic forces encourage you to be open with those who may have tried to dominate aspects of your life. Is it time to show you are a force to be reckoned with?

Leo 24 July - 23 August

The last few weeks may have been intense if you have worked to bring key strands to a close. But as feisty Mars bursts onto the scene, it ushers in a lighter and brighter energy. The idea of getting away from it all can appeal, and might even see you jetting off for a much-deserved break. Looking for more freedom? Rearrange routines and delegate where you can.

Virgo 24 August - 23 September

As 2019 gets underway, you may be more than ready to make some major changes by cutting out the old so new growth can take place. With a Solar Eclipse in a dynamic sector over the weekend, you are encouraged to showcase your best skills, as this can be an excellent time to promote your work or ideas. Ready for romance? A new bond could develop in intensity.

Libra 24 September - 23 October

After some time of helping people with their issues and demands, the movement of courageous Mars into your sector of relating, can see 2019 getting off to a dynamic start. It is an opportunity to clear the air and make your feelings known. Doing so, could enable you to make a fresh start and feel more in control of your time. This may surprise others, but be quite a relief to you.

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

You may be more than ready to get back to work and keen to put your energy into your job Scorpio, business or day-to-day affairs. And if you did consume too much festive fare, the movement of energizing Mars into your wellness zone, can inspire you to get back into exercise mode. Keen to promote an idea? A weekend encounter could prove to be seminal.

Sagittarius 23 November - 21 December

If you've been busy with family matters over recent weeks, the coming days can see a shift in focus, as the start of 2019 coincides with adventurous developments. You may be ready to indulge activities that feel more like play than work, even if they do require effort. Financial matters can turn a corner too. If you play your astral cards right, a fresh start is possible.

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

If you begin this week and 2019 with a sense of anticipation, then it could be because of the ideas you are considering and the possibilities that could spring from them. With a Solar Eclipse in your sign over the weekend, you may be restless from the start and eager to make your move. There's a lot to think about, but don't be too cautious, as a little imagination can add a zesty twist.

Aquarius 21 January - 19 February

With an energetic influence stirring, you may be busy connecting with friends and family you haven't seen in a while, and enjoying the chance to catch up. The coming weeks can also be a time of opportunity, when forging helpful connections can be an aid to furthering an idea or project. A change of heart could transform your affairs Aquarius, and in a very positive way.

Pisces 20 February - 20 March

As forward-moving Mars enters your money zone, it can stir up a desire to get matters in order so that you can move into 2019 feeling more in control. An organized approach now could make a positive difference and leave you more confident. You could also be asked to join in with a group or community project that might lead to other things. If it seems a good match, go for it.

Weekly Horoscopes 31st December 2018

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