Tarot Card of the day 8th February 2012

Tarot Card of the day 8th February 2012. Today I have drawn The Fool. This Major Arcana Card can be both positive and also less so, but what does it really mean?

Tarot Card of the day 8th February 2012

The Fool has no number in the Major Arcana, seen as the first card of the pack or the 0. If you draw this in a reading, these are the three outcomes on a Past, Present and Future basis.

The Fool

The Fool Past:

Perhaps you have not been listening to advice as closely as you should. Have you been rushing in where angels fear to tread? It maybe you have been plunging into things too soon. In relationships it appears you may have been in love with love. That is in the past, and now you have learnt to look before you leap. Or, you may have been over cautious and unwilling to allow yourself to be carried in the stream of life, preferring to fight against the tide, if so you’ve been wasting your energy, and you need to go with the flow.

The Fool Present:

Life is full of surprises at the moment. This could be the time to let go of your worries and self doubts; it could be worth taking a leap of faith. If you are confused about a decision The Fool suggests you take a deep breath, believe in your abilities and follow your heart. Look out for someone who is either bisexual, gay or rather eccentric, they could turn out to be an absolute gem; they certainly will make life more fun. Be prepared to go with the flow for now. But don’t avoid your responsibilities in this hedonistic haze!

The Fool Future:

There is a possibility of new beginnings and changes in the future. You may find yourself much more carefree and optimistic than usual. Keep an eye out for a bisexual, gay or eccentric person who will have some bearing on your new endeavours. In relationships a wild and exciting friend or lover becomes central in your life. In maters of romance The Fool suggests erotic eccentric energy and pleasure, but unfortunately it also suggests a lack of commitment.  Whether you’re considering a relationship or new project you need to accept new ideas. There is also the possibility of a journey.

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