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This year is the Year of the Rooster. What does this mean for Rats? For a start many of you will be moving home and reorganising your finances for greater efficiency. Some Rats will even downsize their abode and put themselves in a more comfortable position. For all of you it is a year in which to be cautious in your career and with money, but more gung ho when it comes to love and friendships.

Although some Rats will stick firmly to the people they know, others will choose to spend time alone and develop themselves and their interests. Art and media Rats will find their careers go from strength to strength. Spring will bring renewed focus and fresh ideas. Summer will feature travel and romance for the single, alongside changes or renovations at home. Autumn, you’ll face work or study challenges successfully, and winter brings emotional warmth and family togetherness.


This Year of the Rooster will suit most Oxen. There will be political turbulence and big events across the wide world, but you’ll just carry quietly on with what you’re doing, refusing to panic and becoming ever more efficient. Oxen in established love relationships will find it easier to allow these to grow, while the single will experience a fresh romance that could be described as a ‘slow burner’. After all, there’s no need to rush things. Don’t lend money out or invest this year. The spring months will bring excellent family times, but watch your diet and health. Summer will feature travel and changes connected to work or future study potentials. Autumn will bring positive transformations but difficulties within the family or a friendship. Accept this as natural and move on. Winter will be home, love and family focused. Make your reality what you want it to be.


The Year of the Rooster is a time for Tigers to burn bright and put their plans into practice. It is a year in which to dare to dream. If you’re thinking of moving abroad or starting a new lifestyle, go for it, no matter what anyone around you thinks or says. Your greatest challenge this year will be combating other people’s negativity and lack of vision. Some Tigers will find love bonds decaying and relationships wobbling. That might sound negative but actually it isn’t. Fortunate Tiger relationships will survive the next twelve months intact, and it’ll probably be you setting the agenda and making the decisions anyway. Spring is a time for new jobs, social scenes and business plans. Summer will feature travel and property rearrangements or moves. Autumn will promote reassessment and bring positive news. Winter will focus around children, younger family members and your social life.

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The Year of the Rooster will create change on many levels for Hares. For some of you this will mean a refocusing on your spirituality, creativity and life goals, while others will experience fundamental shifts in friendships and all sorts of relationships. In turn, you’ll come to know yourself better. At the very least, relationship dynamics will change and you’ll feel freer and more open minded as a result. You’ll also need to adapt to transformations taking place to and within some of the special people in your life. It’s also advised to be prudent financially and try to accrue and save money for the future. Spring will inspire you and you’ll enjoy whatever you’re doing. Summer will be harder work and a certain relationship will need adjusting. Autumn will advance opportunities and new experiences, while winter will be a time to consolidate and concentrate your efforts on those you love.


As a Dragon you need to take advantage of this Year of the Rooster. It’s a time to push forwards towards your goals. If you wish to find a new love, circulate socially or get on the internet. If you desire new employment or a fresh career, network, arrange interviews and promote yourself. If you want to travel or a change of residence, utilise your formidable energy and intellect to make it happen. This is not a year in which to turn down opportunities, unless of course you’re not interested in them. The spring will bring career, education and creative openings, as well as a touch of romantic fairy dust. Summer will be busy. Fight off challengers at work or home and rearrange family dynamics. Autumn will be more restful; a time to plan and re-energise. Winter, you’ll need to safeguard your health, but it’ll be full of social whizz and fun too.


This is the Year of the Rooster. For Snakes it can herald a new and successful beginning, or more of the same old life ways. It’s up to you. Do you want to stay the same because you’re happy as you are, or do you want to create change because you know things can be better? What’s good about this year is that both the Earth energies and the Celestial energies are positioned to help you on the way to your goals. Some Snakes will begin a new study or career, while others will begin an exciting business. You’ve been talking for too long. If you want the rewards you’ve just got to go for it. Spring will be busy with friends, fun and travel. Summer offers new experiences too. Autumn will be hard but productive work, as well as creatively inspired, and winter will focus on friends and old contacts.


The Year of the Rooster should energise you, mentally, physically, creatively and spiritually, so make the most of its tide by putting your plans into action. However, perhaps the most powerful impact of this year will allow you to develop fresh perceptions and life strategies. Work on any partnership that you wish to endure. For some Horses, extended travel and even emigration will be on the agenda. Horses in practical job will find they are in demand, while office and techie Horses will face work changes and a little more struggle. In the family, expect a birth, marriage or at least romantic news. Actually, this is a good relationship year for Horses too. Spring is a time of new beginnings and romance. Summer will deepen friendship bonds and remove obstacles. Autumn will give progress and clarity, while winter will be exhausting but worthwhile. Many emotional problems will fade.


There’ll be times during this Year of the Rooster when you feel out of your depth, as if everyone is shouting louder than you are. They are probably making more noise than you, but stay quiet, observe and as time elapses you’ll notice that you were right all along. Whatever you do, stay true to yourself and do not be forced or cajoled into anything that goes against your wishes or nature. There’ll be a lot of activity revolving around dependant loved ones, whether the elderly, children or companion animals. This is an excellent year for Sheep careers, as long as you have the courage to take the chances that come your way. Spring will lighten your home and heart. Summer will bring personal issues to the fore. Stay tactful. Autumn will be good for work, business and finances. Winter will be busy but also offer chances to slow down and reflect.


The Year of the Rooster will feature dilemmas for most Monkeys. But why assume that a dilemma is a bad thing? True, some Monkeys will have relationship decisions to make, but you will be able to make the choice to evolve your love bond in a positive direction. Work relationships could prove a little strained, but it’ll be nothing that does not fade as time passes. By the summer, many of you will be making moves to seek a new job. Fortunately, there are some powerful Earth energies circling to make your choice inspired. Even if you don’t go this way, most of you will experience work changes within your current organisation. Spring is the time to be creative or get sporty. Summer has tense moments but fun too. Autumn brings clarity and increased emotional well being. Winter is a time to tie up loose ends and make decisions.


This is your year! It’s the Year of the Rooster. Actually, during a Rooster Year, Roosters should try to be conservative and refuse to make startling changes. It’s not the right time to start a business or make a startling career move. When it comes to finances, definitely do not lend any money out, give it away or invest in anyone else’s business or life. However, it’s a vital phase for developing friendships or love relationships, and for finding love if you’re single. It’s not a good year for accepting the advances of unsuitable partners. You need to have your ‘radar’ on when choosing a new romance. Education or the education of younger people will cause issues, but these should be resolved by the time autumn gets underway. Summer’s a time for love, autumn for property changes and hobbies, and winter is for gatherings and reinvigorating your social arena.


The energy of the Year of the Rooster urges Dogs to be cautious. Luckily, that doesn’t make it a bad time tide, just one in which it’s probably safer to carry on as you are, and generally stick to what you know. However, if you really need to make changes to improve your own wellbeing, like getting a job that pays more or running away from an unhappy friendship or relationship, the Earth energy tides will encourage, protect and inspire you. Love matters will go well, with established partner bonds having outstanding issues resolved and new romances will reveal potential depths. Spring welcomes positive changes at home and work. Summer urges relaxation but also brings extra responsibilities. Autumn will surround you with family chores and issues, but also bring love to the single. Winter will witness you becoming more at ease with yourself and increasingly willing to do what you want to do.


It’s the Year of the Rooster, so wake up Pigs, it’s time to get on your collective bikes and do something, or anything, to make your life more like you want it to be. What are your aims and desires? This is an important year for Pigs who’re wishing to relocate or begin a business. It’s also a very vital year for Pigs in techie, media or communication roles. You’ll either pull off something you’ve been waiting for or begin one of your own projects. Emotionally, it’s going to be better to nurture an existing love relationship than begin a new one. If you’re a younger Pig, you’ll find that some friendships fall away and that new ones form. Spring will revolve around home and family. Summer’s for travel, love and new people. Autumn will be excellent for making the impact you desire. Winter will stimulate creativity, friendships and love.

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