Chinese Horoscopes 2019

The Chinese New Year for 2019 falls on the 5th of February. It is the Year of the Pig or Year of the Boar, and lasts until January 24th 2020. It will be an excellent year for celebrations, strengthening communities and working towards bringing people together. If all parties are willing, international diplomacy will work well.

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Sign Rat

The Year of the Pig is excellent for Rats, as long as you do not become too confident or bolshy. Work hard in the background, lay long term plans and try to save money for the future. All kinds of relationships will seem to be hard work, but if you put the effort in, you’ll get the results. During spring, concentrate on your home and establish a harmonious retreat that you can be proud of. If a love bond is problematical, try to soothe the water rather than making them choppier. Summer brings travel, new people, social occasions and love chances for the single. Autumn will continue this trend, but you’ll be more philosophical, considering adjusting or changing your place in the world. Work it out, but don’t initiate radical change just yet. Whatever field you’re in, make extra efforts. During the winter, the focus will be on family, friendships and love matters.

Money 4/5 Love 3/5 Wellbeing 4/5 Fortune 3/5.

Sign Ox

The Year of the Pig is all about establishment. Build relationships, put effort into your home and keep steady in your career. Your lucky breaks will be created by your own hard work. Many Oxen will get the urge to reform their diet or exercise regimes, so the end of the year could witness the emergence of a new you. The year’s first half may seem slow until summer really comes. However, there’ll be some family moments to cherish, and you’ll make steady progress, especially if you’re seeking to move or purchase property. Summer and on, important love vibes will spark things up for single Oxen. There could even be news of a birth. By the autumn, many of you will have experienced change at work or be starting a new job. Make the most of it and you will reap benefits. All year, artistic and creative Oxen will be inspired and productive.

Money 3/5 Love 3/5 Wellbeing 4/5 Fortune 4/5.

Sign Tiger

This Year of the Pig will begin with a period of reflection. Don’t let your decisions reflect the fact that you feel your life should be evolving faster. The spring is the time to begin new projects and open pathways towards your goals, whether they’re in fields of love, career, home or travel. Many Tigers will be relocating or exploring new places. You’ll enjoy the spring and summer, just make sure that you arrange exciting, interesting journeys and activities. The autumn will be quieter, but you’ll need the extra time to concentrate on your special relationships. Tigers can get distracted by the excitement of life and fail to notice that certain people need their love, input and focus. Changes and reorganisations at work will flow throughout autumn and winter. Even if you don’t initiate these transformations, they’ll work in your favour as long as you meet their challenges head on. Expect good news within the family.

Money 4/5 Love 3/5 Wellbeing 3/5 Fortune 4/5.

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Sign Hare

The Year of the Pig will resolve some long standing worries, but it will add a few new ones to your brew. Stay relaxed and pay attention to detail. You’ll also need to focus on the needs of others as the year grows older. Some Hares will begin a new love relationship, while others will reassess and revamp an old one. Younger Hares will be excited by new friends offering new ideas, and business Hares will find opportunities that stimulate their imagination. It’s an excellent year to move home, invest in property or reorganise your finances. The spring will feature journeys and invitations, as well as a minor crisis to resolve concerning a friend or family member; nothing you can’t handle. Summer will be fun and hard work in your study or career field, while the autumn will offer new beginnings in varied life areas, especially in your creative, spiritual or working arena.

Money 4/5 Love 3/5 Wellbeing 4/5 Fortune 3/5.

Sign Dragon

The Year of the Pig is a fine year for Dragons, as long as they don’t try to create too much change or push things too hard. The motto of the year is 'patience'. The spring will be home and family based, but you will find that creative pursuits are an excellent avenue to pleasure. This is the time to decorate, study a practical skill and generally get creative. Summer will feature travel, deeper bonds with your special people and perhaps a new relationship. The autumn is a time for business, career progress and working steadily to make your life better. You’ll find that your thoughts about certain issues and people will be slowly changing. In the winter, family hassles will have you running around, but you’ll smooth things out by the year’s end. Expect some good financial or work based opportunities. In matters of love, be bold.

Money 3/5 Love 4/5 Wellbeing 4/5 Fortune 3/5.

Sign Snake

The Year of the Pig is transformative for Snakes. You might not make your fortune or paint a masterpiece, but you will become happier in your own skin and with the way you’re living your life. It’s not a year in which to seek confrontation or try to change the world. Concentrate on yourself, your home, emotional life and health. The spring will offer opportunities to travel, become involved in novel things and meet new people. The summer will give joy, but there’ll be a note of sadness too, as other people’s lives change around you. Meet with friends and stay in touch with your family. Autumn and winter will give rewards for hard work and increased focus. Many Snakes will begin to learn something new, even if it’s only for your own pleasure. Expect at least one new face. If you’re a single Snake, this could be a chance to find love.

Money 4/5 Love 3/5 Wellbeing 4/5 Fortune 3/5.

Sign Horse

This Year of the Pig is a time of personal journeys for Horses. You will grow this year, and become more aware of who you are and what you want out of life. The key is being honest with yourself, and accepting what you discover. For many of you, there’ll be challenges in at least one of your key relationships, and for some of you, an important new love will appear. Work progress will be positive but subdued, but you will feel that the tide is rolling in the right direction. Long standing health issues will improve. The spring and summer will be busy both socially and at work or in business, with changes in and around current employment. Also, do make time to develop the relationships that are important to you. Autumn and winter will be inspiring creatively and in your personal life, but also subdued with spaces in which to reflect.

Money 3/5 Love 4/5 Wellbeing 4/5 Fortune 2/5.

Sign Sheep

The Year of the Pig is a mixed bag for Sheep. On a positive note, you will be able to save money by accurate financial planning and avoiding over expenditure. Many of you will experience a raise in income, but don’t get too excited. Work will be forwards looking and evolutionary. You will also begin to get the support you deserve. Spring and summer will feature minor obstacles in your career or around the home. Stay calm, and all will be well. Friendships and love bonds will need extra attention. Give reassurance where needed. Try not to rock any boats by making extra demands or initiating changes. Autumn and winter will largely flow on their own, with special events and new concepts to occupy your mind. Some Sheep will change employment or progress in their current companies, while others will take on fresh study or make money orientated changes to make their lives easier.

Money 4/5 Love 3/5 Wellbeing 2.5/5 Fortune 3/5.

Sign Monkey

The Year of the Pig offers opportunities to progress for career minded and business Monkeys. The only person holding you back is yourself. Monkeys who are retired or involved in child rearing, will find the spring and summer stressful, with a health issue or two to deal with, and in addition, the need to reassess strategy and be more disciplined with time. For all Monkeys, the year’s first half will pass quite quickly. At times you’ll feel that your feet are not touching the ground. Be sure to leave hours and days free to do as you please. You will need to recharge. The autumn and winter will feel easier, with financial gain for business Monkeys and promotional energies for creative and hard working Monkeys. The autumn is the best love hunting season for the single, while the winter is a time to appreciate the people you already have in your life.

Money 4/5 Love 3/5 Wellbeing 3/5 Fortune 3/5.

Sign Rooster

The Year of the Pig will not be without its frights, problems and emotional issues, but oddly, you’ll feel empowered and optimistic. It really is time just to be yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks. The work and money overview is good. Strive hard and avoid any get rich quick type schemes, dodgy bargains and investments, and you will find your gold pot growing. The spring will contain hassles around friends or particularly, wilful family members. Don’t take their criticisms personally. Fortunately, you will be able to resolve some of last year’s worries that have been lingering. The summer will contain more rest and some enjoyable events and travel. Autumn will be calmer, so connect to nature and your inner self, while continuing on your accustomed path. The winter will dictate your schedule to you, but go with the flow and it’ll be a useful, fun and often funny time.

Money 2/5 Love 3/5 Wellbeing 4/5 Fortune 3/5.

Sign Dog

The Year of the Pig is not the best year financially for Dogs. Some will experience work problems, others will have debts that need paying. Luckily, if you sort these problems rather than ignoring them, they won’t dampen your spirits. It’s a kind year for friendships and love relationships. Single Dogs can expect a newcomer, while those already partnered will safely resolve any issues. All Dogs will enter their stride creatively and around the home. The spring will hold friendly and family gatherings, a special event and perhaps a holiday. The summer will keep you busy with opportunities to get out and about, so try not to allow it to become bogged down with work issues and worries. The autumn will bring a slackening of pace, allowing you to reflect, recharge and tie up loose ends and necessary tasks. The winter will have hectic weeks, but also promising news and chances to involve with new activities and fresh faces.

Money 2/5 Love 4/5 Wellbeing 3/5 Fortune 3/5.

Sign Pig

Well, this is your year, the Year of the Pig, so make the most of it. Draw on your inner reserves of strength and go forwards into anything you want to go forwards into. It’s time to do things you’ve always wanted to do, so begin projects, learn something new, evolve a love relationship or just try to be more yourself. There are promotional energy waves for career and business Pigs. Network and market your products, yourself or your business to take maximum advantage of these. Some Pigs will be moving home successfully to create change. The spring and summer will renew your optimism and you’ll receive the support you need. Autumn and winter will provide family and rest time. There could be child rearing issues, but nothing that can’t be resolved. Also, expect news of a birth. You will find yourself organising and enjoying at least one special event or celebration.

Money 4/5 Love 3/5 Wellbeing 4/5 Fortune 3/5.

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