Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Ace of Cups Tarot Card Keywords

Joy, love, happiness, emotions, sensitivity, self-awareness, creativity, spiritual progress.

Ace of Cups Tarot Card Description

Cups tell us about our feelings and emotions. There are many ways we can perceive the world; via our thoughts or senses. When we draw cups, we are viewing the world via our emotions. The Ace of Cups has the numerological value of 1, this means our emotions can or should spur us into action.

Upright Meaning

If you have questions relating to romance, the chances are you will soon be embracing a new lover or forming an important friendship. If you are already happily united, expect your relationship to enter a new and vibrant stage. Of course this is all very exciting, but don’t let your interest turn into an unhealthy infatuation. If you are not asking the tarot for some love related tips and are scratching your brow about why you’ve got such a slushy card, ask yourself if you have become obsessive over something recently, such as your job or dealing with dosh. There is also a spiritual side to The Ace of Cups, and this is manifested in the act of creation. So if you fancy learning to play an instrument, pick up a paintbrush or start sewing, this is the ideal time. It is worthwhile remembering that pleasure also has its spiritual side too and yes, the Ace of Cups includes sexual pleasure as one of its gifts, so exploring tantric sex could be rewarding. You would also be wise to keep your eyes open for a new opportunity or a special present, although it will be offered to you, you must be willing to accept it. The Ace of Cups wants you to keep your eyes peeled so you can see the truth and what could be yours. When this card appears in a reading, you are advised to follow you emotions and gut instinct rather than rely too much on logical thought.

Reversed Meaning

The chances are, you are soon to undergo something of an emotional upheaval. This could arise from an interaction that is flawed in some way, be this a romantic attachment, a friendship or a workaday relationship. Equally, you could be experiencing the fallout from a break-up of some kind; no wonder you could be left feeling isolated and insecure. To grieve over the demise of a relationship is of course natural, but do make sure that you are not letting your emotions run away with you. Is the world really as bleak as it may seem? If your relationship seems tickety boo, you may need to ask if you have become a bit too clingy, over attached or even obsessive regarding someone or something. Remember, an exciting crush to you, could become a crushing bore for your friends and colleagues.


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