Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Keywords

Swift action, speedy developments, action, travel, over eager, rash judgements.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Description

Eight is the number of ambition and drive. Nevertheless, it carries a warning that you need to plan ahead so you have the resources to achieve your aims. With the buzzing energy of the suite of wands, it might be difficult to get down to sorting the minutia of any plan, but it is important you do so.

Upright Meaning

You might need to hold on to your hat, as events tend to move swiftly when the Eight of Wands appears in your spread. The problem with this is that your energy is so ungrounded it may be virtually impossible to make practical progress as you are swept off your feet by new ideas, events and opportunities. Your thought processes are likely to be intuitive, flash in the pan affairs, which are ill suited to the concrete results you crave. You need to take time out, slow down, and decide what it is you really want. You may be bombarded with so many offers and ideas, that you feel overwhelmed. Analyse these for any nuggets of information that may help you make a choice. If, however, you have a scheme or idea which you haven’t quite got round to developing, you need to put your foot on the gas and drive forward pronto. Hesitating in this case will do far more harm than good, as if you want to hit the bull’s-eye, you must move quickly. There could well be some very useful information or news coming your way, but it may not arrive via obvious channels, keep your ear to the ground and your mind open to gain an advantage. If business is your bag, you could soon be packing a suitcase as a trip seems likely. Romantically, the world looks rosy - especially if a big decision is being made.

Reversed Meaning

Think about the hare and the tortoise, Aesop knew a thing or two, and it’s time to take a leaf out of the tortoise’s book and slow down. Over eagerness can lead to ill-thought-out decisions and rash actions that could at best, be a waste of time and at worst, jeopardise your plans. Alternatively, you could find that your ambitions are put on hold due to unforeseen delays. Stay calm and wait; you can still reach your goals. Equally, it is possible that you are too unfocused and you are unsure of what your next move should be. You need to be much more pragmatic and get your toes back on terra firma before your plans disappear into the wide blue yonder like a helium balloon.

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