The Suite of Wands

Is it me or is it hot in here? Wands are associated with the element of fire, and like fire they are full of energy. The imagery of the flaming wand itself leaves you in no uncertainty that these are cards symbolising the spark of life itself and new growth. This is a suite which drips with creativity, passion, enterprise, initiative and joie de vivre. Wands are symbols of new projects and new ideas, although just how many of these will come to completion is another matter. As a result of this association, they are often linked to matters relating to business and work situations. They are also believed to represent the summer and weeks. Wands have a negative side too, and they can be connected to impatience, bossiness, being egotistical, recklessness and fecklessness.


Wands are associated with the Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These characters are flamboyant, energetic, charismatic and born leaders, although they may be a bit insensitive sometimes. Wands can also suggest people with red or blonde hair

Wands in a Reading

If there are a large number of Wands in a reading, it can suggest that the subject is about to start a new project and be very busy. Indeed, it is also possible that they are biting off more than they can chew, and that they need to slow down a little. If the cards are mainly positive, it would suggest that they are likely to succeed with their plans. A plethora of Wands are particularly fortunate for folks who are starting a new business, and even more so in relation to the creative or organisational aspects of such a venture.

List of Wands Tarot cards

Below is the list of Wands Tarot cards. Please click on the image of the card you're interested in to read about the meanings of that card.

Ace of Wands
Creativity, new enterprises, inventiveness, action, excitement, frustration, adventure.
Two of Wands
Achievement, courage, overcoming self-doubt, uncertainty, arrogance, power.
Three of Wands
Opportunities, inventiveness, long term goals, partnership, ambition, stubbornness.
Four of Wands
Completion, peace, security, harmony, changes of abode, delayed returns.
Five of Wands
Struggle, aggravation, over competitiveness, frustration, perseverance, hard work.
Six of Wands
Success, triumph, rewards, victory, modesty, new information, hubris, feeling superior.
Seven of Wands
Courage, testing, conflicts, challenges, stamina, delayed rewards, resolve, principles.
Eight of Wands
Swift action, speedy developments, action, travel, over eager, rash judgements.
Nine of Wands
Strength, resourcefulness, potential difficulties, defence, prepared, resilience.
Ten of Wands
Burden, heavy load, over eager to please, blaming yourself, oppression.
Page of Wands
Energy, loyalty, new beginnings, enthusiasm, light hearted, charm, admirer.
Knight of Wands
Charming, shallow, impetuous, daring, passionate, excitement, travel, change.
Queen of Wands
Magnetic, attractive, home loving, practical, generous, independent, dependable.
King of Wands
Authority, energy, mediation, money, domineering, role model, bold, dramatic.
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