Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Seven of Wands Tarot Card Keywords

Courage, testing, conflicts, challenges, stamina, delayed rewards, resolve, principles.

Seven of Wands Tarot Card Description

The number seven enables us to understand the world around us almost by instinct, and this means you can be particularly efficient at dealing with any problems that come your way. Added to this, the energetic vibe of the suite of wands means you will be something of a force to be reckoned with just now.

Upright Meaning

Almost all of us want to be liked, the upshot of this is that we often say ‘yes’ when we need to say ‘no’. You know the situation; your partner is away on a business trip, you’re rushed off your feet at work, an elderly relative needs your attention, little Johnny split his trousers at school so you need to run around to get a new pair for tomorrow, dinner has to be produced from somewhere, then horror… the phone rings; ‘Can you chair the PTA meeting this evening, as the chairperson’s busy?’ Naturally, you want to help and would normally meekly say ‘yes,’ but the Seven of Wands encourages you to politely decline. You can only do so much, and you have every right to say ‘no’. When the Seven of Wands appears in a spread, compromise may not be the best way forward. That doesn’t mean you need to be belligerent, just a little bit firmer than usual. You may find your plans faltering, but there is no need to give them up for lost, although you will probably have to show a certain amount of determination to ensure they succeed. There is a caveat to this, namely, you need to feel confident that your ambitions are important enough to you to make it worth going that extra mile. You can reach your goal, but you will have to accept that you could be in for the long-haul. In general terms, the Seven of Wands urges you to follow your convictions, as long as you are positive they are right for you.

Reversed Meaning

You may be facing a crisis of conscience. Take the time to decide what you truly believe. Someone around you may have a rigid belief structure and expect you to share their opinions. You need to decide whether to humour them or tactfully, but firmly, point out that you disagree. You could find yourself in conflict with an organisation or a person. You may feel tempted to back down and let sleeping dogs continue snoozing, but this could be a mistake, as you may find your position is actually the stronger. If you give in now, you may be building a rod for your own back in the future. At worst, your compliance may mean that you will miss a golden opportunity which is yet to come.

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