Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Keywords

Magnetic, attractive, home loving, practical, generous, independent, dependable.

Queen of Wands Tarot Description

Court cards such as the Queen of Wands, tend to directly refer to a person. They can be seen as describing their appearance or their character. The Queen of Wands is said to denote a woman over 35 with red or light brown hair, often with blue eyes. Alternatively, she can be seen as a woman who is practical, outgoing and independent.

Upright Meaning

This card suggests a charismatic person is about to enter your life, they could well be born under the sun sign of Leo. Equally, it may be you that discovers your fiery passionate side. If so, your personality will act like a magnet and you will attract the admiration of others - great if you are seeking employment or looking for love. Talking of love, if you are single, you’ll be delighted to know that a sexy someone is waiting for you around the corner, best of all, they will make you feel very special too. Longer term relationships can also benefit from a plethora or passion which leaves both parties feeling fabulous and flirty. On a different tack, if you are interested in the theatre, either as a career or just curious about joining the local amateur dramatic society, this is the ideal time to attend an audition. If local or national politics beckons, you could find yourself gathering a gang of eager supporters. Business matters should also bloom when the Queen of Wands turns up in your spread, particularly if you listen to your intuition. Perhaps you don’t feel quite ready for the limelight yet, don’t worry, a radical new hairstyle or snazzy outfit in a vibrant colour can make you feel on top of the world. Generally, any change, however dramatic, can work out well as you face the world with confidence. If you are not normally a confident person, think what you can do to give yourself a boost; a positive affirmation or a lucky charm could help you realise just how strong and vibrant you really are. With the Queen of Wands at your side, you can be sure you can make a positive impression when it counts.

Reversed Meaning

You are very popular at the moment, you just don’t realise it. The cause of your self-doubt could lay at the door of a woman in your circle who enjoys putting you down - don’t listen to her. Similarly, you could find that you are lumbered with a female who tries to take over something that is important to you. This wouldn’t matter so much if it wasn’t that she is totally incompetent at the matter in hand. Romantic relationships could be compromised if one partner develops a roving eye.

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