Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Wands Tarot Card Keywords

Success, triumph, rewards, victory, modesty, new information, hubris, feeling superior.

Six of Wands Tarot Card Description

In tarot numerology, the number six reminds us that we are responsible for our own fate, and that whilst we can take advice from others, ultimately, the choices we make are ours, and ours alone. With the suite of wands’ energy around you, you should feel vibrant and up for any challenge.

Upright Meaning

The Six of Wands suggest you are likely to be successful in your chosen field or endeavour. This is particularly true if you face an exam or test of some kind. This card brings with it the notion that there may soon be a celebration of your talents which will leave you smiling. Indeed, you have every reason to celebrate, but the Six of Wands asks you not to get too big headed. Even though this card can bring with it a plethora of pleasures, the Six of Wands prompts you to remember that your silver lining may have a cloud attached. There is a risk that you may become too proud and that this could lead you to believe you are almost invincible - don’t forget pride comes before a fall. Equally, you may develop a taste for self-aggrandisement, which could lead you to neglect the needs of those who have not yet reached your level of attainment. Having said that, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to sing your own praises (such as a job interview) don’t hang back, just keep your paean plausible. In business and romantic matters, you should keep a peeper peeled for a very talented person who could change your world for the better. In general, the Six of Wands tells you to claim the recognition and rights that you deserve, whilst not taking more than is due to you.

Reversed Meaning

Are you following the right path? You may have spent years studying to qualify for a job, but is it something you really enjoy, or do you like the fact you are in charge and people think you are successful? You might be happier working at something less grand but that brings you pleasure. As a reversed Six of Wands bodes badly for communications, you might like to keep duplicates of important emails and ask for a receipt for posted items. If you need to say something vital, check that the recipient of the message has not only heard but listened - you should also be wary around issues arising from translations. The reversed Six of Wands can be associated with delays, so make sure you allow extra time for any journeys. Equally, if you are awaiting news, you may need to be patient for a little longer.

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