Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Nine of Wands Tarot Card Keywords

Strength, resourcefulness, potential difficulties, defence, prepared, resilience.

Nine of Wands Tarot Card Description

Nine is the number of the visionary, the person whose ideas are so far ahead of their time, that few folks can follow them. Unfortunately, this can mean that their originator is misunderstood and mocked. If you feel you have a fantastic idea that isn’t getting the support it deserves, don’t despair, the energy from the suite of wands will enable you to overcome any opposition.

Upright Meaning

Upright nine of wands meaning - Previous problems may have seen you fearful and frowning, but you have moved on and gained in confidence. You have also learnt some important new skills. True, you may be a little over-cautious in your urge to avoid future problems, but this will ease with time. Try to ensure that your natural wish to avoid unpleasantness does not descend into becoming defensive, untrusting or bitter. If you give way to these negative emotions, you may keep yourself safe (to a point), but you could also miss out on a lot of good times. Stay balanced, and you will be able to remain conscious of your gifts and weaknesses which will help you greatly in the future. Talking of the future, do not be afraid to follow your hopes and dreams, the lessons life has taught you will help you get wherever you want to go. If you want to develop a relationship or a business, make sure the foundations are solid, wait patiently until the conditions are right, then when the opportunity presents itself, move forward. Spiritually, you have earned the great gift of knowing yourself. In the future you may find yourself facing a few obstacles or unco-operative people, don’t become downhearted, persistence pays off. Don’t forget, if you can’t take the direct journey to your destination, a ‘B’ road may take you to the same place by a more interesting route.

Reversed Meaning

The reversed meaning of nine of wands is to succeed, you need to be flexible and creative, but you seem to be firmly stuck on the same track. It seems the strategies you are following are simply not working now (however well they have served you in the past). Therefore, you need to think ‘outside the box’ and try something new. Determination is vital to achieve any goal, but stubbornness is counter-productive and could do serious damage in the long run. You may find that your situation is changing rapidly, you need to change with it, as moving with the times can reap its own rewards. Your relationship might not be reaching for the skies right now; the reason is you are way over the excess baggage limit. Dump what you don’t need and leave the past behind you.

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