Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Five of Wands Tarot Card Keywords

Struggle, aggravation, over competitiveness, frustration, perseverance, hard work.

Five of Wands Tarot Card Description

In tarot card lore, fives tend to be associated with how we interact with others, this can be a positive or a negative experience; although it tends not to sit too happily with Wands’ fiery energy. When you find a five in your reading, you may start to question other people’s motives. The difficulty is that with Wands involved, a lack of subtlety can cause a few problems.

Upright Meaning

Sorry, it just seems it’s going to be one of those days. You know the kind of thing, you go to your 10 o’clock appointment only to be told you are a day late, you put salt instead of sugar in your tea and so on and on and on and on. Nothing major goes wrong, just lots of little niggles which wear you down and make you frown. The Five of Wands can also suggest arguments of some kind.  It could be that you are ‘arguing’ with yourself, trying to force through what you want when fate is handing you what you need. Alternatively, you may be in competition with someone, perhaps for a job or to gain the attention of a sexy person who has caught your eye. On the other hand, you could find yourself drawn into an old fashioned disagreement or row. Don’t feel too bad about this, it is perfectly fine to have a difference of view, it’s how you handle the situation that matters. The Five of Wands doesn’t ask you to capitulate to the opposition but rather, to find a way to co-operate with them. You need to discover something which you can agree on, and then move forward from there until you achieve real harmony. Frustration and anxiety are natural emotions when we feel thwarted, but you can be confident that hard work and perseverance will enable you to overcome any curve balls that the Five of Wands throws your way.

Reversed Meaning

When it comes to dealing with legal issues, follow the spirit as well as the letter of the law, or you could find yourself in trouble. Obviously you’re not planning a bank raid, but parking on a double yellow line (even for a second), is likely to end with a bright yellow ticket on your windscreen when you get back. Rows and disagreements are also likely to become messy, as your adversary could decide that they want to win at any cost. Make sure it’s not you who is tempted to use underhand tactics to get your way, as they are almost certain to backfire. Romantic relationships can be more cold than cuddly, when one of you decides that they feel persecuted.

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