Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Wands Tarot Card Keywords

Completion, peace, security, harmony, changes of abode, delayed returns.

Four of Wands Tarot Card Description

The number four is seen as a practical number, and represents self-reliance and the motivation to overcome anything that stands between you and your goals. Add a sprinkling of the suite of wands’ energy and a ‘can do’ attitude, and this could be a recipe for success.

Upright Meaning

Break out the bubbly, dig out your dancing shoes and sing a joyful song, you have just been given one of the jolliest cards in the tarot pack. At its simplest, the Four of Wands suggests you should be skipping along to happier times. A fresh boost of confidence can see you able to enjoy all that you have achieved so far, and make your ambitions seem so much nearer. The Four of Wands suggests that your inner-child is bubbling up to the surface and you are eager for some light-hearted fun. Go on, pamper to your childlike side with a trip to the seaside, and spend the day exploring rock pools, or you may prefer all the fun of the fair and a ride on the bumper cars. If all this seems a step too far, why not enjoy a candyfloss or ice-cream that sends your taste buds on a sweet trip down memory lane? On a more serious note, if a job or relationship leaves you unhappy or dissatisfied, it could be worth making a dramatic change. The space this seemingly drastic move creates, could soon be filled by a new love interest, friends or colleagues that make your life much fuller. Single folks looking for love could be in luck, as the Four of Wands often suggests that a new and amusing squeeze is likely to bring some sunshine into your life. If you have a beau, there is the likelihood that the two of you could take your relationship up a level by moving in with each other or even tying the knot. If you are thinking of changing home or purchasing a property, you could find that the situation progresses in a positive way.

Reversed Card

Normally, reversed cards are as popular in a tarot spread as a wasps’ nest in a jam factory! With the Four of Wands, things are a little different. When reversed, this card usually means that you will reach your goals, but that there will be a delay or you’ll need to try a little harder. At worst, the Four of Wands reversed means you have been a bit too hedonistic and need to apply yourself to the more mundane aspects of life and work. Alternatively, you may know full well it is time to move on, but mask your problems with partying.

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