Five of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Five of Swords Tarot Card Keywords

Defeat, knowing your limitations, pyrrhic victory, hostility, conflict, humiliation.

Five of Swords Tarot Card Description

The number five is an outward looking number, which can see you looking at the world in a new way, maybe through someone else's eyes; it can also heighten your creativity. This is somewhat at odds with the intellectual but unempathetic suite of swords, thus this card can suggest the likelihood of some difficulties which need to be overcome.

Upright Meaning

In some ways the worst is over, you may have lost the battle, but at least that situation has ended. All you can do now is retreat to a corner and gather your resources. No-one can win all the time, much as we’d like to, and at least you tried. Furthermore, you’re still here and you can succeed in another field or with another person. You have learnt your limitations and that painful lesson means you will not make the same mistakes again. The knack of dealing with the problems associated with the Five of Swords, is not to dwell on the misfortune you have experienced. You may feel weak, vulnerable and maybe even a bit daft now, but don’t become trapped in a downward spiral. If you can accept defeat gracefully you will, in time, come bouncing back and move on to better things. Some folks even claim that this cards’ negative reputation is over-emphasised as, when you think about it, this card marks you out as a survivor. You might even be shrugging your shoulders and thinking to yourself that, actually you have not lost at all, and that despite a difficult time, you have managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat - if so, it was probably a close run thing, but you got there in the end. Assuming you haven’t been in the kind of situation mentioned above, then this card is warning you to consider how you are treating those around you. Are you being too self-interested, eager to put someone else in their place or determined to win at any cost? If so, why do you feel this way? Try to avoid being too competitive. You also need to understand and respect the boundaries of acquaintances, friends, family and work colleagues.

Reversed Meaning

Someone out there is playing power games, and as long as they think they stand a chance of winning, they are not too bothered who they hurt in the process. Unfortunately, you seem to be in their sights, so be very cautious. Unless of course it’s you who is developing a Machiavellian streak! If so - stop, you will pay a high price for your intrigue, and even if you triumph now, your victory will be short lived.

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