King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

King of Cups Tarot Card Keywords

Good advice, maturity, authority, threat, wisdom, sang froid, balance, controlled emotion.

King of Cups Tarot Card Description

There are a number of ways of interpreting the court cards such as the King of Cups. Traditionally, they have been used to describe the appearance of a person. The King of Cups is said to represent a very fair man with blue eyes who is over 35 years of age.

Upright Meaning

The King of Cups suggests emotional maturity and wisdom, someone who can keep calm when everyone around them is flapping like pigeons in a field of corn. However fraught the situation, the person represented by this card can keep their head and use their wisdom to cut through any confusion. In work matters, the King of Cups suggests you can get the job done and that you can accommodate the peccadilloes of your colleagues with tolerance and good humour. If you are self-employed or work under your own steam, you will have the self-discipline needed to produce good results. If business or official matters have been playing on your mind, you could benefit from a meeting which will put you in touch with an intelligent and respected professional person who can offer you some sound advice. In romantic and social settings, you will have a relaxed and calm demeanour. Generally, when the King of Cups appears in your reading, it often means that you will meet someone who can give good advice and offer wise insights into the actions of others. At first, this person may seem a little cold and distant, but when you know them better, you will realise that in fact, under the still waters is a maelstrom of emotion. Alternatively, it could be you that is able to guide others who have grown to respect and value your sang-froid and wisdom.

Reversed Meaning

Sometimes self-control is commendable, but it can also do more harm than good. It may be that you have reached a point where you have been so contained for so long, that you seem to have forgotten how to express your feelings at all. The time has come to accept your strengths and weaknesses and work with them, instead of hitting your head against a brick wall. You could find yourself being blackmailed, OK, there is no need to call the police - this is blackmail of the emotional kind. The perpetrator is likely to be an older person who can make life quite miserable for you unless you confront their tricks. When it comes to cash or business keep your guard up, as you could come into contact with a canny or even dishonest operator who would like to benefit at your expense. This person is no fool, so you need to keep your wits about you.

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