King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Keywords

Competent, responsible, reaching the top, insensitivity, materialistic, promotion.

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

There are four ‘King’ Tarot Cards in the Tarot Pack; these can be understood in a couple of ways. They can refer to the physical characteristics of a person, or their psychological profile. The King of Pentacles (also known as The King of Coins) is believed to represent a dark haired man with brown eyes over 35-years-of-age. It also describes a person who is successful, cautious and conservative.

Upright Meaning

This Card shows an individual who is successful in some field. Furthermore, this person is quite content to be at the top, and with whatever method they took to get there. This character is the ideal business person; they can ‘wheel and deal’ and are a natural entrepreneur. If you are an employer or business person, they could be a real asset to you. Not only are they innovative when it comes to creating cash, they are also remarkably reliable. You may recognise this person by their unusually high mathematical skills. You may find that they have far more of this ability than you would expect from their general demeanour. The arrival of the King of Pentacles suggests you are entering into a fruitful period, and this will lead you to move further and faster. In romantic matters, this Card is an excellent sign, and implies that this could be the time to make a commitment. If sport or any form of competition interests you, this is your opportunity to go for gold. For, as long as you are willing to work hard, you can achieve the results you want. Professionally, you should begin to seek out new challenges and promotions, particularly if you have been working in your field for a while. Equally, if you have been studying an academic subject or learning a new skill, you should expect to see positive results from your labours soon.

Reversed Meaning

You have a loving and meaningful relationship with your bank balance, however, this may have developed at the expense of those who should be closest to you. Put down your ledger and embrace life! Relationships can be damaged due to insensitive behaviour by either one of you, so try to understand how the other person feels. There is a world outside your workplace, and it may be that you or your employer has forgotten this fact; do not take on more than you can sensibly expect to complete. You may also need to keep an eye out for a jealous rival who opposes you in money or career related matters. This character is likely to be a man of mature years, he may have a strong and forceful character, but you can still win through, as he is also shallow and not particularly bright.

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