The Suite of Pentacles (Also known as Coins)

The suite of Pentacles is sometimes known as the suite of Coins, and this gives us a major clue as to its sphere of influence. Pentacles are primarily concerned with our practical needs. At first, this may seem rather overly materialistic and unrelated to spiritual matters, but if you have ever tried meditating whilst your stomach grumbles to you that it’s hungry, then you’ll know that spiritual work is hampered by any serious lack of material resources. Pentacles can therefore represent money, possessions or resources, but they can also refer to a subject’s sense of self-worth or position in society. They can also suggest what makes a person feel secure or threatened.


Pentacles are associated with the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. These people are calm, sensible, down-to-earth and good with cash, although they can be rather conservative and status seeking. Pentacles can also describe people with dark or black hair.

Pentacles in a Reading

If there are a plethora of Pentacles in a reading, it suggests that the subject is entering a phase when material concerns become even more significant than usual. However, it is important to remember that this need not be a negative time, it is possible that the subject is about to undergo an improvement in their material circumstances. A large number of Pentacles could also mean that the subject will undergo a change of status. Whilst this could refer to a change in social economic grouping, it may also refer to how they perceive their own significance, rather than how other people see them. When Wands and Pentacles appear together, it may imply that any changes are the result of developments in the subject’s career.

List of Pentacle Tarot cards

Below is the list of Pentacle Tarot cards. Please click on the image of the card you're interested in to read about the meanings of that card.

Ace of Pentacles
Reward, abundance, prosperity, recognition, emotional security, materialism.
Two of Pentacles
Change, fluctuation, uncertainty, resolution, glitches, loss of focus, adapting, flexibility.
Three of Pentacles
Material gain, expertise, skill, teamwork, planning, satisfaction, obsessed with detail.
Four of Pentacles
Stubbornness, security, contentment, controlling, greed, selfishness, materialism.
Five of Pentacles
Loss, rejection, worry, financial concerns, hardship, insecurity, anxiety, prioritise.
Six of Pentacles
Prosperity, philanthropy, generosity, power, charity, patronage, gifts, giving and receiving.
Seven of Pentacles
Taking time out, relaxing, earned success, pleasure in achievement, setting new goals.
Eight of Pentacles
Diligence, discipline, willingness to work hard, skill, craft, knowledge.
Nine of Pentacles
Wealth, success, achievement, solitude, independence, accomplishment.
Ten of Pentacles
Conformity, conservative, security, convention, tradition, family life, inheritance.
Page of Pentacles
Scholarship, effort, news, promotion, focus, conscientiousness, realism.
Knight of Pentacles
Hardworking, persistent, traditionalist, dogmatic, dependable, inflexible, faithful.
Queen of Pentacles
Home, family, down-to-earth, practical, sensuous, reliable, loyal, caring.
King of Pentacles
Competent, responsible, reaching the top, insensitivity, materialistic, promotion.
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