Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Keywords

Scholarship, effort, news, promotion, focus, conscientiousness, realism.

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

Court Cards, which are the Tarot Cards that show a picture of a person, can be understood two ways, either as a physical type or based on psychological characteristics. The Page of Pentacles (also known as The Page of Coins) can represent a child with dark hair and brown eyes or a hardworking and reliable person.

Upright Meaning

It’s time to get practical and down to organising your affairs. If you are given the opportunity to begin a new project, you should grab the chance with both hands. You have achieved a lot so far, but you need to look to the future to see how much further you can progress. There is a caveat though, you only have a limited window of opportunity available to you, so you need to get going. Obviously, this is great for career and business plans, but it is also good for relationships, as they develop a greater clarity. The Page of Pentacles often represents a hard working individual, who is organised and able to turn castles in the air into concrete constructions - this could even be a side of your own character you never knew you had. Still, it is worth keeping your eye out for a team player and (if you are very lucky), a financial whizz who’d make a fab finance manager. The Page of Pentacles urges you to think objectively about your limitations and the practicalities of your ambitions. When you have assessed these honestly, you’ll be able to make progress. Remarkably, for such a down to earth card, it also has an artistic and mystical side, and it can suggest any entrepreneurial or educational enterprises associated to these endeavours will produce exceptional rewards. Indeed, more generally, when the Page of Pentacles appears in your spread, educational matters, tests and exams can take a favourable turn. In family matters, good news could reach you in relation to a child.

Reversed Meaning

A youngster could have you pulling your hair out, it’s not that they are causing trouble; it is more that they don’t do anything. If they carry on in this apathetic style, they will miss out on an opportunity. Can you motivate them in some way? There is a risk of you, or someone around you, ignoring the important stuff and concentrating on the small fry. You need to be sure you apply yourself to major matters immediately. It could also be that you have been uber-organsied in relation to your career and business, but have neglected your personal life. When it comes to cash, you may be in for some bad news, so keep a tight rein on your finances.

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